Closet makeover before

Along with the mudroom, updating the front hall closet was also on last year’s fall to-do list. Now that the mudroom makeover has been revealed, it’s time to share the closet as well.

But not today.

As with any makeover, there is of course a before.

Here’s the closet just inside the front door. The mudroom is just outside the front door.

Front hall closet

This closet is the scene of the first injury we had at the house, which occurred on day one when the shelving that was in here collapsed on my sister. All of the shelves had just been propped against each other and weren’t actually attached to anything. When my sister and brother were cleaning them out and wiping them off, everything came crashing down. Fortunately, the injury was only a pinched finger with minimal blood and was easily solved with a bandage. (I’m still sorry, Jenn).

In the photo collage below, the white strip in the centre (and it is supposed to be white on both halves) is where the shelving was originally. In its absence, we had piled cleaning supplies and everything else on the closet floor–not the most efficient storage method.

Messy front hall closet

The closet’s other issues are illustrated below: chipped baseboard cut out for the extremely flimsy shelving (plus a paint job that went around the shelving and a strip cut out of the ceramic tile for some long ago storage arrangement), wire shelving jammed into the drywall rather than installed properly, a hole in the ceiling likely belonging to a critter (plus a beautiful paint job) and an old non-functioning electrical box of some kind (perhaps an alarm?).

Closet problems

As I mentioned previously, the mudroom is not heated, so this closet was the spot for all of our outerwear–coats, hats, scarves, mitts. I needed both a rod and hooks because I want to be able to hang my nice coats on hangers, and Matt will never ever use a hanger.

While boots and running shoes live in the cooler climate of the mudroom, some of my dress shoes were going to move into the more temperate zone of the front hall closet.

Along with the coats, jackets and shoes traditionally stored in a closet, I had a few special additions that I wanted to accommodate:

  • Broom, mop, dustpan, mop bucket, rags, cleansers
  • Plastic and reusable bags
  • Light bulbs, flashlights and timers
  • Pest control, including fly swatters and mouse traps
  • Keys
  • Dog paraphernalia

Obviously, the space needed some help to accommodate any of those items. Through a variety of storage solutions, we managed to fit everything in.

Tune in next to find out how.

What do you keep in your closet? Are there any items that you find difficult to store? Who else has suffered a shelving injury?

4 thoughts on “Closet makeover before

  1. We’ve had to rethink how we do things in our new place, because it has no coat closet or linen closet. Ack! It’s taken a bit of creativity, but is reasonably functional now, though there’s still room for improvement. One thing we did is hang one of those sectioned shoe-bags on the inside of the laundry closet door. The only space in there is the actual depth of the door frame; the stacked washer and dryer are a tight fit and come right up to the door. The shoe bag has twenty sections, and I bought a bunch of mid-sized spray bottles and moved my cleaners into them, labelled them and put them in the sections. I was very chuffed to make storage out of “nothing”. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the coat closet. I’m sure it will be much better!

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