DIY light fixture (fail?)

I have another thrifted light fixture makeover for you today. Remember this beauty from my thrifting post?

1980s light fixture redo

When I was in the checkout line at Value Village, the woman ahead of me said, “What a great find! So classy!”

I said, “Oh, thank you.” In my head I was thinking, “Are you insane? This light is completely 1980s. It will look nothing like this when I’m done.”

My plan for the foyer was to replace the giant ceiling fan with a small chandelier covered by a simple drum shade.

Here was my chandelier.

1980s light fixture

Here was my drum shade.

Vintage lampshade

It was vintage lighting fest over here.

I took apart the light, took apart the shade, merged the two together and spray painted everything oil-rubbed bronze.

1980s light fixture redo

I shortened the shade and added a new fabric cover.

1980s light fixture redo

Then I installed it over the stairwell.

Crooked drum shade

Hmmm… not quite what I envisioned. As Matt said, “Woman, what were you thinking?” I stood there and laughed.

Then I got out my glue gun. A couple of daubs of glue held the shade a bit straighter.

Foyer light fixture DIY drumshade over a chandelier

I’m still not sure if this is quite what I envisioned. The inside looks a bit rough in some spots, and the ribs of the shade show through when the light is turned on.

1980s light fixture redo

Another layer of fabric on the inside might solve both of these issues, but it would also lessen the light. This light is much brighter than the ceiling fan that was there before, which I like as our foyer tends to be a bit dim.

I’m content to live with it for awhile until I make up my mind. Either way, it’s an improvement over the fan that was there when we moved in and the pigtail that we wired up when we were painting.

I’d love to hear your to opinion. Do you think this is a #DIYfail or #victory? Have you ever made over a light fixture?


6 thoughts on “DIY light fixture (fail?)

  1. I never would have guessed the final result after looking at that first picture! I would have passed that over in the store in a second, but you really made a great improvement. I see the issues that you have with it, I would leave it until you find the perfect replacement!

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