Green sleeves

The benefit of cleaning up my office is that I actually have space to work in there now. I may not be completely finished organizing the office, but I did accomplish something else.

I finally sewed something!

Green wool long sleeved collared dress Vogue 8630

This dress is my entry Julia Bobbin’s third annual Mad Men Dress Challenge.

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III

The point of the challenge is to sew a dress inspired by Mad Men. I have to admit, I don’t watch the show, but I love the clothes that I’ve seen. I’ve had this dress cut out since November, so it was nice to finally make it up. Between cleaning up my office and Julia issuing her challenge, it was the perfect motivation.

This dress shares some style points with Joan’s chartreuse dress from season 3, episode 6, most notably the collar and the colour.

Joan's green dress

These photos (and lots of others of this outfit) from here.

Ms. Bobbin herself has sewed this dress, although she did a very true knock-off complete with a column of fabulous buttons down the back.

My dress does not have buttons, but I still feel pretty fabulous in it. My starting point was Vogue 8630. I made a few modifications, which I talk about in more detail in my review on Pattern Review.

The best feature of this dress is its wide collar. I dialed up the Mad Men style factor by adding one of my vintage brooches for these photos. I can see so many different accessories working here–I think a giant black button would be really cool.

Vogue 8630 modified collar

In the Mad Men episode, Joan’s dress ends up covered in blood. However, I will be keeping this dress far away from any farming and renovating activities that may lead to bloodshed. I think my alter ego and her day job will make good use of it and keep it nice and neat.

Check out Julia’s blog next week for all of the other fabulous entries in the Mad Men challenge.

Are there any Mad Men fans out there? How about Mad Men fashion fans?


23 thoughts on “Green sleeves

  1. Very stylish, I love the collar! I’ve never seen Mad Men and while I do like the look of the dresses that I’ve seen popping up on blogs I’m not sure that I’d actually wear such a dress if I made one.

  2. I love it. What is the material? Good luck in the contest and enjoy all the accolades! I like it better than either the red or green one.

    Auntie Anne

  3. Good luck in the contest! The dress is gorgeous! I can barely sew a hem on curtains so I am in awe. My brother says that Mad Men is a great show. I keep thinking I am going to watch it but other things keep getting in the way!

  4. The dress looks very nice on you! (I’ve been a fashion lover since I was a kid [in the 50s!]. My mother always dressed well, and my grandfather owned a department store, so . . . And Sharynne is a fabric-collector, and has recently been sewing garments from stuff she’s had since the 80s.) Your dress is very elegant, very 50s, but timelessly classic. And that lovely pin: the jade(?) goes perfectly with the blue. As for “Mad Men,” former colleagues kept telling me I should watch it – I was in the business for many years, as an art director. When I finally checked out the show, I found I couldn’t bear it – it reminded me too much of the crazed egoism and vicious back-stabbing that I endured during those “mad” years at a big ad agency.

  5. It’s freaking me out how much I love your dresses! Just letting you know that I received your email with your two amazing dresses! I responded but I got a message back saying that there was delivery failure to your address! Just thought I’d comment here to let you know in case you don’t receive my email 🙂

  6. It’s lovely, and looks marvy-fab on you! I like the pin, too. I don’t understand why you’re calling it green sleeves – on my moniter it looks navy blue. Am I missing something?

  7. So nice to discover another Canadian sewing blogger!! Love your blog and your Mad Men Challenge dress! (Mine is the white Betty Draper number with the pink and green waist detailing.)

    Can’t wait to explore your blog more!!

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