Blue eggs and baby birds

You want a sure sign that spring is here?

How about this?

Blue eggs in a robin nest

A robin built a nest right outside of the kitchen window on top of the clothesline post.

Robin's nest

She’s an artistic robin and decorated her nest with long streamers of hosta and hay.

Robin's nest

The only way I could get a picture of her was to shoot through the kitchen window, hence the grid of the screen.

Robin sitting on her nest

Over the weekend, I thought that something might have changed. So on Sunday, when I didn’t see her on the nest, I snuck out for a peak. The eggs were gone. In their place, we had these.

Baby robins in a nest


It was a little chilly over the weekend, so Mama stayed close, keeping everybody warm. Mr. Robin brought her snacks every so often. On Monday, Mama and Daddy were both on duty bringing a near constant buffet of bugs and worms to the babies.

Obviously, we’re keeping a very close eye on our new little family.

Do you have any spring babies at your house? Is there any more perfect colour than robin’s egg blue? How long does it take for baby robins to grow feathers?


12 thoughts on “Blue eggs and baby birds

  1. Pretty fearless Robins! All the native songbirds here on our street are “endangered” due to the dozen or so feral cats that the local “animal lovers” feed. Found a broken Robin’s egg on the pavement the other morning . . . Our other nesting species include Grey Catbirds, Northern Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Northern Mockingbirds, Common Yellowthroats, and Yellow Warblers. The most common victims of cat murder: Mourning Doves and Mockingbirds.

  2. At my last house there was constantly a little nest on my front porch for me to keep an eye on. At this house they must be making all of their nests out in the barns and I haven’t tracked any down. Although, I am sure they are there!

  3. That’s gorgeous. And the colour is fabulous! The babies should have feathers within a couple of days, I think.
    I think I told you we had a hummingbird nest with babies? Well sadly, something got it, nest and all. 😦 We were terribly disappointed, but at least we got to see Mama sitting on the eggs, then a bit of the beautiful babies. Who knows, maybe they fledged before whatever it was got the nest. I can always hope!

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