Going solar – Show me the money

It’s time for the final post in our solar panel saga. As we all know, going green costs green. Today, I’m going into the numbers (in a slightly artistic fashion).

Read on to find out how much our solar panels cost, how many kilowatts they produce and all of the other details for our solar system.

Solar panels cost and output

Obviously, our solar array and its associated dollars and cents are specific to the Ontario microFIT program. I expect some of our numbers will translate, though, for others who are setting up their own systems.

The last outstanding part of our solar project is to receive our first payment from the hydro company. I have to say I’m looking forward to moving on to the payback stage of this project.


12 thoughts on “Going solar – Show me the money

  1. Great display! Well explained and a very huge project for you. I hope it meets all of your expectations.

    Love, as always,

    Auntie Anne

    • The maintenance is really about keeping an eye on the meters to make sure all of the panels are producing properly. We’ve found the panels get a bit dusty, just from all the dirt in the air, but they seem to wash off pretty well in the rain. We’ve been told we don’t have to clean them (and have been given no clues as to how we would), but this is one of the items Matt frets about. He doesn’t want anything disrupting the production! The biggest unknown is the snow. We’re hoping it will melt and slide right off.

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this! We’ve been wondering about solar panels for a while, but could never get real numbers (both costs and revenues). I wonder how installing panels might jeopardize our new roof’s warranty?

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