July clouds

At the beginning of July Matt proclaimed, “July has the best clouds.”

Throughout the month, I was treated to sightings of muscle men flexing, food stuffs, animals, body parts and other cloud sculptures that he spotted.

Then, August 1, driving home, Matt said, “See, August’s clouds just aren’t as interesting.” True enough, the sky was hazy, there were no fluffy white beings to be seen.

My own most interesting clouds came near the end of July early one morning, although I’m not sure my picture does it justice.

Summer sunrise at the farm

Sometimes there’s perks to being up at dawn.

Do you look for pictures in the clouds? What sights do you usually see? Do you have a favourite cloud month?

2 thoughts on “July clouds

  1. Interesting. I don’t really look for shapes, but I used to be a perennial sky watcher when we lived in Alberta. The cloud formations over the prairies are amazing, especially the big thunderheads and storm systems. Here on Vancouver Island we have other wonderful things, but the clouds don’t compare.

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