Sweet cherry tomatoes

She’s my cherry pie tomato, Put a smile on your face, Ten miles wide…
Tastes so good, Make a grown man cry, Sweet cherry pie tomato
(Badly paraphrased from Warrant)

After my lack of success last year attempting to grow tomatoes, I refused to plant anything edible this year.

But Matt wanted to try tomatoes again.

He got some plants from his Dad, and he carefully tended them all summer. He cleared an area on the turnaround, put the tomato cages in place, suckered them and watered them. When they outgrew the cages, he improvised with other trellises gathered from around the property.

It took nearly all summer, but his attention paid off. We finally have ripe, edible tomatoes! So much better than last year.

Even better, most of our plants turned out to be my FIL’s cherry tomatoes. These are wonderfully sweet. My absolute favourite tomatoes.

These tomatoes sprout every year in my FIL’s garden. However, just to be safe, I’m going to try to save some seeds this fall to grow our own plants next year using this tutorial from The Art of Doing Stuff.

Yes, my reluctance to grow edible plants has apparently been overcome by sweet ruby spheres.

Cherry tomatoes

Improvised tomato trellises

Improvised tomato trellises

Cherry tomatoes

How has your garden grown? What’s your favourite kind of tomato? Have you ever tried saving seeds? On a topic more likely to make you lose your appetite, can you believe that Warrant music video? There’s absolutely nothing like 80s hairbands.

6 thoughts on “Sweet cherry tomatoes

  1. Our tomatoes did very well this year. I had a cherry tomato plant that was loaded! Sadly, the only ones left on the plant are rotting so I think my tomatoes are done. I wish I had taken the time to can but I did roast some in olive oil and froze them to put in pasta.

    I have not tried to save seeds and I am terrible at growing plants from seeds that I buy. I usually just go with a plant!

  2. Yum! I LOVE tomatoes, especially the little, sweet tomatoes. I can’t have a garden (no yard), but one time I did successfully grow a tomato plant on my balcony. That is definitely something I’d like to do again.

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