Golden beans

I know, I know. In the story the eggs are gold and the beans are magic. But in our case, it’s our beans that are turning gold.

This is our first time growing soybeans, so we’re learning as we go. It turns out that as the beans ripen, the plants turn yellow.

Soyabean field

The pods are plump and fuzzy.

Soybean pods

Inside, we have actual beans. Edamame anyone?

Open soybean pod

In other fields in the area, where the beans are a bit older, the plants have gone past gold and are all the way brown. I still have no idea how far away we are from harvest time. We’re continuing to learn about this farming thing.

Is it harvest time where you live? Do you like edamame?

5 thoughts on “Golden beans

  1. Harevest is really starting down here. Mostly corn gets shelled first then soybeans. But it all depends on their maturity and their moisture content.

    The soybeans down here are really golden and somewhat brown but there are patches out there that are still green. They are drying out quickly.

    Steve will probably start shelling his corn next week. He was just hoping for them to dry up a little more so he doesn’t have to pay to dry them in the bins!

  2. Well, I am for sure just learning this stuff. I know I drive Steve crazy with my questions, but it really interests me and if he is going to be farming I want to know as much as I can. Soybeans and corn and wheat are so common here so I know a little about them, but when I travel south and see tobacco fields or sorghum, I have a whole new batch of questions!!!

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