7 thoughts on “Wild grapes

  1. Did you ever try making wine? We did once, in London of all places, where we moved into a big house and discovered a single grapevine growing over the garden shed. It was late fall, and the grapes were starting to turn into raisins, but our friend knew the process, and we got a few bottles of relatively dry white – quite delicious. Your grapes appear to be affected by the much-desired-by-the-Germans edelfaule, or “nobel rot.” You should try it next year, you might be able to create a nice dessert wine!

  2. Hi – Should’ve mention that edelfaule makes for great dessert wines! To quote from Wikipedia: “Noble rot is the benevolent form of a grey fungus, Botrytis cinerea . . . Infestation by Botrytis requires moist conditions. Grapes typically become infected with Botrytis when they are ripe. If they are then exposed to drier conditions and become partially raisined [it] is known as noble rot. Grapes when picked at a certain point during infestation can produce particularly fine and concentrated sweet wine. Some of the finest botrytized wines are literally picked berry by berry . . .” We love “eis wein;” a friend brings it from Austria, which is famous for it. We’ve also drunk excellent Canadian ice wines! Cheers!

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