One Room Challenge Week 4

We’re heading into week 4 on the One Room Challenge. I feel like the laundry room has turned the corner. By that I mean, I’m seeing some serious progress.

One Room Challenge Linking Participant

The transformation isn’t limited to the laundry room, either. In the spare bedroom (aka the painting area), I folded up all the drop cloths, put the paint cans away and swept the floor. It’s almost ready to go back to being a bedroom. In the basement, I broke out of the laundry room and vacuumed the carpet. This may seem like a more regular chore, but it represent serious progress because vacuuming has been on hold (as if I need an excuse) until the “messy” stuff in the laundry room is all done.

In the laundry room itself, the walls are all painted and the machines are back in place. Shall we sing praises to the power of paint? There’s no decoration or accessories, but I already feel like things are starting to come together.

Laundry room in progress

Let’s take a minute and talk about laundry pedestals, okay? When we bought our new machines and chose front loaders, I knew I wanted pedestals. I hate bending over to just a few inches above the floor to do laundry. The pedestals solve that problem easily.

They do remove the ability to put a counter over the top of the machines (unless I was 10 feet tall, which I’m definitely not). I didn’t need more counter space, though, so it wasn’t a big sacrifice. The pedestals also give a lot of storage in the drawers (although to be honest I haven’t used that either).

I probably could have simply built a platform and saved us the expense of the pedestals (and they were expensive for what they are). However, I do like that we have the option of using the drawers if we want to, and I also like that they match our machines.

You might recall that I mentioned in my update two weeks ago that the washer vibrates crazily (and noisily) when it goes into the spin cycle. While we had it pulled out of the way for painting, I took the opportunity to check it over. It turns out that the bolts holding the pedestal to the machine were all loose. A few quick turns with the socket wrench tightened everything up. Now that the washer’s back in place, it’s operating much smoother and quieter. Task #11 done.

Here’s the rest of the updated to-do list. In total I was able to cross three things off this week. Let’s hear it for progress!

  1. Add shaker style trim to the cabinets
  2. Paint the cabinets
  3. Install doors and drawers
  4. Remove ceiling rack – By Oct. 3
  5. Patch ceiling and walls – By Oct. 3
  6. Paint ceiling – By Oct. 10
  7. Paint and install baseboard and paint window trim – By Oct. 10 Done Oct. 13
  8. Deep clean (sink, counter, floor, machines) – Oct. 13 Rescheduled to Oct. 19 26
  9. Paint walls – By Oct. 17 Done Oct. 18
  10. Replace ivory washer outlet with white one – By Oct. 19 Done Oct. 18
  11. Level washing machine – By Oct. 19 Done Oct. 18
  12. Build and install ceiling rack – By Oct. 24
  13. Build and install towel bar – By Oct. 24
  14. Install cabinet hardware – By Oct. 24 Rescheduled to Nov. 11
  15. Build and install light fixture – By Oct. 26
  16. Remove non-working sprayer from the sink and plug the hole – By Oct. 26
  17. Decorate – By Oct. 31

Still on tap for this week? Paint touch-ups, some minor electrical work, and starting on the ceiling rack, towel bar and light fixture.

Laundry room in progress

I like the small projects stage of the makeover. Hopefully they go smoothly and progress happens quickly.

If you’re curious to see the progress that other ORC participants have made, make sure to head over to Calling it Home.

How do you feel about laundry pedestals? Do you have a front loader or a top loader? What’s your favourite stage of a project? Painting? Small bits? Electrical?

21 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 4

  1. I think the best stage of a project is toward the end. In the beginning there’s damage to fix, wonky old stuff to tie into, air sealing and other invisible things, and it is long and thankless. Then prettiness starts to happen. But at the very end there’s always something that stays undone forever.

    As for laundry appliances, I’m debating if I should get a full size top load washer that can be dismantled, carried down my narrow basement stairs, and reassembled, or if I should get 24 inch appliances, in which case I’d definitely get a front loader because they hold more. Decisions, decisions.

  2. My favourite is when all construction is done and it’s the fun styling bits- love seeing it come together. I’m short and like a counter so a non-pedestal gal but totally see the advantage of having them higher! Looking forward to checking back next week!!

  3. You’ve made such a huge difference, now you get to do all the “fun” stuff! I admire your sticking with a schedule, it has paid off!

  4. I don’t know what to think of pedestals. This may sound crazy, but years ago my ex came up with an invention remarkably similar to them. He submitted it to a patent board, who always review all inventions and tell you if they don’t think there’s a chance yours will fly, so you can save the money if you want. Anyway, they told him there would be NO market for anything like that, and we didn’t have a ton of money at the time, so he scrapped the idea and saved the $300. I try not to think of pedestals at all, because of the what-ifs… Weird, hey? :S

  5. ok, paint is definitely the fixer of all…and i couldn’t agree more about the pedestals, I don’t even use mine to store anything but love the height it gives {and that they match} can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  6. I agonized with this decision, too, in our last home. I did not put in the platforms, and did run a countertop across them. I loved it!! In our rental, they are on platforms, and I hate how tall it makes the tops of the washer/dryer. I would not do it (I am 5’3″). Love that your list has dates on it. Seriously organized.

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