The end

This is the end, my friends. Not the end of the blog. Don’t worry. It’s the end of project season here at the farm.

For those that haven’t been following along since the beginning, I posted my 2014 Home Goals at the start of the year. Since then, I’ve pretty consistently done a project a month. As this is the first post of November, normally I’d be sharing with you the plan for this month’s project.

Well, there is no November project. Later this week, I’ll post the laundry room reveal, and that will be it for this year. Yes, there are a few more things on my original Home Goals list, but I’ve decided I’m ready for a break (not from blogging, just from projects).

Of course, I won’t be kicking back completely. Part of my rationale for stepping off the project train is to take care of some of the niggling little tasks that have been hanging around for a little while and maybe even start to get ready for Christmas. As well, I have a whole bunch of seasonal jobs that need to be completed so we’re ready for winter.

Matt already got a start on fall clean-up when he went over our eaves troughs with the leaf blower the other week.

Cleaning gutters with a leaf blower

Here are some of the other things on my winter is coming to-do list:

  1. Make sure all of the gutters and downspouts are winter-ready.
  2. Remove the mower deck from the tractor (and maybe attach the snowblower).
  3. Add some protection around our new trees.
  4. Turn off the outside water taps.
  5. Take off the window screens.
  6. Transition the mudroom to winter mode and get the winter clothing out of storage.
  7. Set up the bird feeder on the driveway turnaround.

Just seven. That’s about half of what I had our first fall.

So apparently I cannot stop with the projects after all. Stay tuned. It appears I’m going to be busy.

What’s on your fall to-do list? Are you feeling the pressure of a looming winter? Do you have a project cut-off point?

5 thoughts on “The end

  1. My dad cleans his gutters with his leaf vac. First time I saw him do it I thought it was genious!

    My winter prep list is almost identical! We don’t have a snow blower but we need to put the snow blade on the four-wheeler. We are going to put Christmas lights on the house this weekend (only hanging them, not turning them on yet!). I think winter is going to sneak up on us!!

  2. We were getting started on our winter prep when we were interrupted by a weekend in the hospital…having a new grandbaby!! That’s worth a bit of a project bottleneck later on. 🙂

    I’m very glad it’s not the end of the blog! You scared me for a minute. I think taking a break is a good thing – you can come back to the projects later with fresh energy and a new outlook.

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