The end of soybean season

The sun has set on our first soybean crop.

Sunset over the soybean field

As of two weeks ago, our fields are empty, so it’s time for the final report of the year.

At last report, the soybeans were just turning gold. By harvest time, there was no trace of green or gold left, except in the trees along the border.

Dry soybean field

Dry soybeans

The plants dropped all their leaves and the beans dried.

Dried soybean plants

They no longer looked like edamame and they tasted a bit like peanuts.

Dried soybeans

And they sounded like rattles. I’m not sure if their sniffiness changed, but Baxter apparently liked the sound of them or the feel of them against his face… or something. Every field walk he insisted on walking through the plants.

I found the harvest part very interesting, so brace yourself for lots of photos.

The main piece of equipment is the combine.

Combine harvesting soybeans

This thing is massive.

Combine harvesting soybeans

I would not want to be a soybean.

From the combine the beans go into a trailer.

Trailer full of soybeans

Shucked soybeans

Again the scale is massive. The tires on this trailer are over 5 feet in diameter.

Tractor towing a trailer full of soybeans

The trailer full of beans is relayed to a big truck for transport. (For scale, there’s a person standing on top of the truck behind the chute).

Soybean harvest

All that’s left are the dry stalks, husks and a few stray pods.

Harvested soybean field

As of last weekend, the stalks got a light dusting of snow. Yes, already.

First snow 2014

And so concludes our first season of soybeans.

Who else has had snow already? Is the harvest done where you live? Does anyone else find the harvest process fascinating? Are you as easily impressed as I am by farming equipment?

4 thoughts on “The end of soybean season

  1. I love this post! My Dad was always curious about crops and enjoyed seeing the machinery and what was happening. He was from a farm originally, and though his own life was very far indeed from those beginnings (he was a college president – quite a difference), he never lost his interest in the land and what it was producing. I don’t know any farmers to ask these questions to, so I love vicariously benefiting from your curiosity, photography and reporting. 🙂

  2. We are on the home stretch of harvest down here. This was the first year that Steve has cash rented land on top of helping another farmer with his crops. So it was our very first harvest of our own (I say “ours” but I had nothing to do with it other than the cost came out of our joint account 😉 ). He was very happy with the results even after having a late start with planting.

    I am full of questions about farming. I think I have mentioned before that I drive him nuts with my questions but it is very fascinating to me!

    As for the snow, we had a few flurries last week but nothing to cover the ground yet!

    Btw, I loved the video of Baxter checking out the fields, silly dog! 🙂

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