Master bedroom makeover plans

We’re already down to just one more week yet in January. It’s definitely time to get moving on the first project on this year’s Home Goals list: the master bedroom makeover. You saw the inspiration picture last week in my Home Goals post.

Black, white and gold bedroom

Source: Chez V (found via Little Black Door)

You also saw the fancy-schmancy room we’re going to be using as our master.

Master bedroom before

So there’s just a little bit of work to do to transform this former guest room into a truly fancy master bedroom:

  • Buy a queen size bed – Matt and I have slept on a double ever since we first moved in together. The mattress was my old bed from my grandma’s cottage. It was on its second life when it went up to the cottage, never mind when it came to our first house. We were truly due for an upgrade. In the middle of shopping for a new mattress, we decided to really upgrade and went for a king size. Those extra six inches in the fancy master will come in handy.
  • Remove popcorn ceiling – Scraping the ceiling was not the funnest way to spend a day, but the popcorn is gone and so are all of the cobwebs that were stuck to the stipple.
  • Patch ceiling and walls – Also known as, “how I spent my Christmas vacation.” Patching took such a long time.
  • Paint ceiling, trim and walls – I had such a hard time picking a colour. Finally, I found Chez V’s makeover, which made me decide to go dark and dramatic. Trendy blogger favourite Hale Navy it is.
  • DIY a headboard – No idea what I’m going to do here. White? Wood? Upholstered?
  • Relocate light switch – Oddly, the light switch is behind the door. It’s perfectly positioned if you used the mirrored pocket door from the other bedroom to enter the master. I wouldn’t really call this feature fancy. It’s just weird.

Light switches behind the door

  • Replace light fixture – Anything’s better than the ceiling fan that was there before. I like the brass and crystal in the inspiration picture.
  • Make/find window treatments – We haven’t had curtains since we moved in. We don’t need them for privacy, but it would be nice to sleep in past dawn some summer weekend.
  • Paint dresser and replace hardware – We have a beat up black dresser that we bought at a garage sale. I think it can be freshened up with some nice white paint and brass hardware.
  • Refresh dinged up closet doors – It appears our closet doors spent their past life as bulletin boards, except with tape rather than pushpins.

Beat up closet doors

  • Decorate and personalize – It will be nice to finally personalize a bedroom. Although the giant pink ape you saw above probably isn’t the personalization I’m looking for.

Someday, when we do our major house renovation, we will build a beautiful master suite. At that point, there will be no mistake as to what bedroom is the master. Until then, this makeover will give us a nice–and a little bit fancy–space of our own. I’m not quite sure yet where the ape is going to end up sleeping.

7 thoughts on “Master bedroom makeover plans

  1. I love the blue of your inspiration photo and also that chandelier!!! Wow!

    We are breaking ground as soon as the ground is ready for a master bedroom/bath addition. I haven’t even started thinking about decor. Although, we both like a rich dark red/gold combination.

    I don’t remember telling you Julia, we got engaged Christmas Eve! So we have a lot going on this year!!

  2. Such a lot of prep work has already been done! I can’t wait to see that gorgeous colour on the walls.
    We’re finally moving on our office makeover. All the projects are partially finished, but you can begin to get a sense of what it’s going to be like. Which is to say, awesome! Your ORC really inspired me, thank you. 🙂

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