Master bedroom move-in

I mentioned at the beginning of the week that we made a wee bit of progress on the master bedroom makeover.

Here it is.

Baxter sleeping on our bed

Yes, we have moved into our new bedroom. And obviously, Baxter is exhausted from the journey across the hall.

It’s still not done, but having our bed in the room and our clothes in the closet–and our dog on the bed–feel like major progress to me.

You may recall that this makeover started 3 months ago. Right after Christmas, I scraped the stipple ceiling. That was honestly the hardest part of the project. There’s no good reason why this is taking me so long.

The master bedroom is one of my Home Goals for 2015. One of my other Home Goals is to take it easy on the projects and not hold myself to such strict timelines as I did last year.

Obviously, I’m succeeding at the latter of those goals.

For some reason, I’m just not getting excited about this makeover. I’m hoping that will change soon though. The spring One Room Challenge launches next week. I’ve decided that finishing the master bedroom is going to be my entry.

One Room Challenge

I was super excited about the laundry room makeover that I did for the Challenge last fall, and I really enjoyed participating with all of the other bloggers.

So I’m reverting to my old ways. There will be detailed timelines, regular updates and lots of progress. (Please, let there be progress).

Until then, commiserate with me, please. Do you have a long-running makeover? Have you ever undertaken a project that didn’t seem that interesting? Any tips for pushing through?

8 thoughts on “Master bedroom move-in

  1. My whole house is a long-running makeover! :O It seems that every room has SOMETHING that needs finished. One more coat of paint on the baseboard in the dining room, 1/4 round trim in the living room, paint in the hallway…

    I need to focus on finishing at least ONE room!

    Baxter looks so cozy on that bed. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, my office fits into that category. I started it when you were doing last year’s ORC, and made a lot of headway but the going was pretty tough. It got to a semi-finished, usable point, and then my MIL moved into it for three weeks while she underwent radiation. She went home a week and a half ago, and there it sits, a graveyard for all stalled jobs in my life. (On a good note, I did finish the 2013 taxes in there!)
    So I have no advice, sorry! But that paint colour looks awesome. 🙂

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