One Room Challenge – Master bedroom makeover

It’s One Room Challenge time again. This will be my second time participating in the Challenge, and things are a bit different this time around.

One Room Challenge

The room I’ve chosen to make over–our master bedroom–is already part of the way there. Yes, I took a head start. But those who have been around here for a little while know that I stalled. The One Room Challenge is my motivation to finally finish it.

For those that are new here, here’s where we started–our former guest room. Pretty, ain’t it?

Master bedroom before

Here’s the inspiration (from another ORC participant, no less):

Black, white and gold bedroom

Source: Chez V (found via Little Black Door)

And here’s where we are today:

Master bedroom mid-makeover

Without a deadline, I’m finding it very easy to dilly-dally my way through this makeover. So the plan is to draw up a schedule and feed off the enthusiasm of other ORC participants and get this room done.

Here’s the plan (I’m reusing some of the text from previous posts so that those of you who are new can follow along):

  • Buy a queen size bed – Done, except we decided to really upgrade and went for a king size.
  • Remove popcorn ceilingScraping the ceiling was not the funnest way to spend a day, but this job is done.
  • Patch ceiling and walls – Also known as, “how I spent my Christmas vacation” (yes, Christmas. I told you this makeover has been going on too long). Patching took such a long time. Done, thank goodness.
  • Paint ceiling, trim, doors and walls – I had such a hard time picking a colour, but this one is done. Chez V’s makeover made me decide to go dark and dramatic with Hale Navy.
  • Make/find window treatments – This was the when the makeover stalled. I discovered I do not like making curtains. So boring. But I’m finally done.
  • Build some hookboards for behind the door – Extra hanging space is always a good idea.
  • DIY a headboard – No idea what I’m going to do here. White? Wood? Upholstered?
  • Relocate light switch – Oddly, the light switch is behind the door. It’s perfectly positioned if you used the mirrored pocket door from the other bedroom to enter the master. Weird.
  • Replace light fixture – I have a hand-me-down brass and crystal chandelier just waiting for a home.
  • Paint dresser and replace hardware – We have a beat up black dresser that we bought at a garage sale. I think it can be freshened up with some nice white paint and brass hardware.
  • Sew a bedskirt – I have some material left over from the curtains. A bed skirt can’t be as tedious as the curtains, can it?
  • Refresh dinged up closet doors – It appears our closet doors spent their past life as bulletin boards, except with tape rather than pushpins.
  • Come up with a jewelry storage solution – Notice I didn’t say a new solution. I’ve had no solution, and tangles of necklaces are getting really old.
  • Decorate and personalize – It will be nice to finally personalize a bedroom. Although the giant pink ape you saw above probably isn’t the personalization I’m looking for.

And finish it all by May 7 in time for the ORC finale. Stay tuned. And be sure to check out Calling it Home for all of the fabulous makeovers–or this week the plans for fabulous makeovers.


14 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Master bedroom makeover

  1. I second the barn wood, and what about lightening it with a greyish white wash, transparent so you can see the wood through it? I made a necklace rack with a piece of driftwood and some mismatched knobs that I painted and glazed. It’s really pretty and works well. Good luck with the challenge! We’ve all got your back;)

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