One Room Challenge Week 3 – Master bedroom headboard

Today marks the halfway point of the One Room Challenge. How are we here already?

One Room Challenge

This challenge seems to be flying past. Here’s where the master bedroom has come so far:

This past Sunday was my deadline to finish the headboard. It’s not quite done–yes, I’ve already missed a deadline–but I finally made a decision, so I can show you the direction I’m going.

Headboard templates

The headboard was the spot where I didn’t have a clear vision. Should it be painted white like the dresser? Wood like the nightstands? Upholstered?

Brown paper wasn’t even close to the list… and it will not be the final product.

The paper is my mock-up and my template.

I decided to go with… drumroll… wood.

When I took a look at my master bedroom Pinterest board, I saw some common themes in headboards: one was a camel back shape and one was a more fanciful carved shape.

I decided to give the carved shape a try. I kept it simple, using a piece of plywood that I had left over from the growth charts I made for our littlest nephews. I think the unique shape of the edge will make up for the completely flat face.

Cutting out the headboard

After I traced my template, it was easy to cut out the headboard with my jigsaw. I still need to add some legs so that I can attach the headboard to the bedframe, and then I’ll use iron-on edging to hide the layers of the plywood. Finally, I’ll stain the headboard to match the pine nightstands.

So there’s a little bit of progress, but a little more work to do yet.

Here’s where we’re at on the overall makeover:

  • Buy a new bed – Done
  • Remove popcorn ceiling – Done
  • Patch ceiling and walls – Done
  • Paint ceiling, trim, doors and walls – Done
  • Make/find window treatments – Done
  • Build hookboards for behind the door – Done
  • Paint dresser and replace hardware – Done April 6
  • DIY a headboard – By April 12 19
  • Refresh dinged up closet doors – By April 19
  • Relocate light switch – The electrician is booked to come April 22
  • Replace light fixture – I’ll get the electrician to do this while he’s here
  • Come up with a jewelry storage solution – By April 26
  • Sew a bedskirt – By May 3
  • Decorate and personalize – Ordered prints April 6. Fingers crossed they get here in time.

Thanks as always for following along. Visit Calling it Home to check out the progress of all of the other One Room Challenge participants.

10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 3 – Master bedroom headboard

  1. I think the headboard will look great. I like the shape. Can’t wait to see it finished. And if you don’t like it, you can always upholster it the shape it is!

    When the electrician is there, you should ask him to show you how to change the light fixture – super easy to do, and no reason you wouldn’t be able to do it yourself after watching. So easy to do yourself, it’s kind of a waste to pay someone to do it for you! 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice, Meghan. We change most light fixtures ourselves. We just have a few special issues this time (loose junction boxes, switches that need to be relocated, adding a new light over the island), so we decided to get him to do it all at once. I could probably manage it myself, but to be honest I just don’t feel like crawling around in the attic! I’ll pay someone to save me the trouble.

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