Black thumb

I have a bit of a gardening theme for this week’s posts.

To set the scene, let’s first establish that I am not friendly to plants.

Remember that beautiful yellow pot and the ivy I was so proud of keeping alive?

Yellow pot with ivy in it on a windowsill

Yeah, it’s not so much any more. Matt’s hear-no and speak-no monkeys are wishing they could cover their eyes like see-no.

Pot of dead ivy

Upstairs, my poor aloe has realized she’s doomed and is trying to make a run for it. Harry, the other cactus, is hanging tough… for now.

Aloe falling out of its pot

And outside, where Mother Nature is available to counteract my influence, things aren’t going much better.

I had such high hopes for my pussy willow sprouts.

Pussy willow sprouts

But over the past week, they too succumbed to my black thumb.

Dead pussy willow sprouts

So all this is to say, don’t expect too much out of this week’s gardening posts.

6 thoughts on “Black thumb

  1. Oh no! I’m not laughing at your gardening misfortunes, Julia, but I do SO relate! Right now I’m struggling to keep a Bromiliad and a Calandiva alive, despite their intense efforts to dry up (I AM watering them!). Plants are mysterious sometimes.

    Harry the cactus is looking darn good, though!

  2. I get teased for my black thumb. I think my biggest problem is forgetting to water my plants. Do what I do, just keep buying more, some day one will just hang in there! ;P

    The aloe trying to escape is such a funny picture!

  3. The aloe is not a goner! It actually looks healthy, other than being sideways, lol. It needs a larger, deeper pot and more soil. Pack it down hard so the weight of those juicy leaves can’t pull it over. You can do it, rah rah rah!!

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