Forsythia of ’15

It’s another disappointing year for our forsythia bushes. There are just a few yellow flowers and a lot of bare branches.

Forsythia blooms for spring 2015

Forsythia blooms for spring 2015

Forsythia blooms for spring 2015

There are a lot of buds along those branches, so I think we’ll have a bumper crop of leaves. My plan is to give the forsythia a really good haircut this weekend. I hope that will help to reset it. I’m pretty sure that forsythia set their blooms fairly early, so if I prune too late, I’ll cut off next year’s blossoms… Not that I’m too optimistic about our chances of that given our experience the last two years.

I like tracking the onset of spring by comparing our forsythia every year. The timing of this year’s blooms, such as they are, are in line with two years ago:

What’s blooming at your house? Do you have any tips for encouraging forsythia blossoms?

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