When you are ready for planting

When my aunt came to the farm for the first time (three years ago), she brought with her as a housewarming present a gift card to a local nursery.

Gift card

It may have taken three years, but we’re finally ready for planting.

Well, we’ve actually been planting, using plants we found around the farm. We’ve been transplanting and splitting and spreading everything around, trying to fill in the gardens. And they’re looking pretty good. (Just ignore the weedy path).

Flower garden

There were a few gaps I was looking to fill in.

  1. I wanted some different colour foliage to break up all of the green we have happening right now.
  2. I wanted a shrub for the well garden.
  3. I wanted some lavender.
  4. I wanted a white hosta.

A visit to the busy nursery gave me what I was looking for.


It also gave me a reminder of why I don’t buy plants. Even with my aunt’s gift card, I shelled out a fair chunk of cash–and I only bought five plants.

Most of the plants will spread, though, so I should be able to get some good mileage out of them.

Here’s how some of them look in the garden.

Purple sandcherry in the well garden. Definitely pops against the green.

Purple sandcherry

This flower wasn’t labelled at the nursery. Is it fox glove?


I heard that lavender is a mosquito repellent–so, so needed this year.


And when it comes to propogating, I’m already rooting a sprig that broke off the sedum. I love this dark purple tone. (And ignore the weedy path again).

Purple sedum

Auntie Anne is a loyal reader of the blog, and she’s always enthused about what Matt and I are doing here at the farm. Her gift card has definitely given the gardens a boost. Thanks so much, Auntie Anne. We appreciate your encouragement.

What would you like to add to your garden? How do you find new plants for cheap (or even free)? What plant should I consider adding to our gardens? Do you have an Auntie Anne cheering you on?

6 thoughts on “When you are ready for planting

  1. Lovely choices! That is indeed a foxglove. We went to the garden this year but bought many tiny plants instead of a few big ones. I’d like to be able to get big ones, but…yeah. The prices! O_O

  2. Sandcherry gets big quickly. Mine is about 6-7 years old now, and is huge compared to the size it was when I planted it. Another one that grows pretty quickly is silver-leaf dogwood. And mine has also grown quite quickly!

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