My thought process went something like this:

“Now that we have the garden, we could really use a composter. I should put it near the kitchen so it’s convenient.”

“While I’m out here, I might as well clear the weeds from the patio.” (I did not ask Baxter to pose. Dude was in a photogenic mood.)

Weedy patio

My technique is to take a sharp spade and shove it sharply against the joints between the slabs. If you feel like you might break your wrist, you’re doing it right.

Clearing weeds from the patio

“Now that I’ve cleared the weeds, I might as well see if I can uncover the steps.” (We’ve never seen the steps, and you probably can’t either).

Stairs covered with ivy

“Holy heck. What was I thinking trying to clear the steps? This ivy is ridiculous!

Stairs covered with ivy

“Wow, these steps are much bigger than I thought. And they look amazing.”

Concrete patio steps

“Now where to put the composter? I’ll just clear a little more of this ivy.”


“What was that? Are there more stones under this ivy? Why?

“Oh hello, husband. You have great timing. Milkshake? Yes, please.”

—Break for Matt’s amazing chocolate peanut butter milkshake—

“Alright, that gave me the fuel I needed. Let’s do what I came out here to do in the first place.”

Composter on the back patio

“Finally done.” (And yes, the dog abandoned me after the milkshake break).

Patio after

“All this work for a composter? I think I need a shower.”

“But hmmm… what about the patio on the other side of the house?”

Clearing weeds from the patio

“I need to stop thinking so hard.”

Who else has ever over-complicated a simple project? Do you have a composter at your house? Do you have a weedy patio? Any tips on how to do battle with ivy?

17 thoughts on “Over-thinking

  1. Wow, I would have probably stopped after thinking my wrist would break, and I DEFINITELY would have stopped at the milkshake break. Way to go!

  2. You didn’t only do it for a composter, you did it for two patios and a lovely set of steps! Now comes the fun part. Decorating!!
    P.S. Have you considered pouring vinegar in between the patio stones now? It’s effective at killing the remaining weed roots, as long as you don’t intend to grow anything else there.

  3. That look awesome! Great work! And that milkshake sounds so good. You could share the recipe sometime? Maybe? 🙂

    And of course, nice to see handsome Baxter.

    • Okay. Here’s the recipe:
      Matt uses the magic bullet, so the individual serving size cups that come with it are the reference for all of these measures.
      Fill the cup most of the way with chocolate ice cream.
      Add a giant (seriously, don’t be stingy) scoop of peanut butter.
      Pour milk over everything until all the cracks are filled in.
      This makes a pretty thick, extremely rich milkshake.
      If forced to quantify, Matt estimates that the ratio is three scoops of ice cream to one scoop of peanut butter.

  4. We have a composter, but it’s a homemade one. We took an old water heater and scraped off all of the insulation on the outside, removed the inside parts so basically it was just a big tin can. We then cut a door on the side and screwed a hinge to it for easy opening. Next we stuck a metal rod through it from top to bottom and made a simple frame to hold it on it’s side so it would spin on the frame in order to mix up the debris. We use it during the spring, summer and fall. It works very well and gives up excellent fertilizer every summer for our pots and flower beds around the yard. During the winter we just scatter our compost on the vegetable garden in the snow and in the spring it gets worked in.

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