Beautiful bathroom to be?

I mentioned last week that we had some issues with the cold water tap in our main bathroom. I started to think that the solution might be a bathroom reno.

I really don’t want to do anything to this bathroom—including fixing the taps—until I can do everything.

And by everything I mean go back to the studs and start over.

The layout of the bathroom is decent: big linen closet, large vanity with good storage, long counter and double sink. Plus the basics: tub-shower combo, toilet, window.

Main bathroom before

Main bathroom before

However, everything is old, chipped, discoloured, beat up–or, in the case of the countertop, Care-Bear-coloured.

Bathroom Before Collage

We were able to get the tap working again, so we’re not hauling out the sledgehammers any time soon (yay for the wallet, boo for my bathroom beauty). To cheer me up, I dove into my Pinterest board and pulled out some inspiration to share with you. I also need your input on a couple of areas where I’m not sure what to do.

For general inspiration, I really like what Jenna Sue did to her guest bathroom in the most recent One Room Challenge. It’s a clean, country space with lots of personality. I probably want something a bit brighter (more white), but I love the overall feel of her space.

So let’s dive into my not-so-loved space, okay?

My plan is to leave the fixtures in the same places (likely–I’ll talk about what might change below).

I want a new vanity (I’ll stick with white) with lots of drawers for storage and a beautiful white/light/natural coloured countertop. Undermount sinks (for function) with shiny retro look faucets (for form).

Bathroom vanity with lots of drawers

I like how this vanity squeezes in another drawer below the sink. Source: One Week Bath

Above the vanity, what do you think would work best for a mirror? We have a pretty big bathroom, but I like how the sheet mirror makes it feel even bigger. I’ve seen some cool ideas to get the space-expanding effect of the sheet mirror but in a little more stylish fashion. Or should I just go with two big wood framed mirrors? (That would let me do some fun wall-mounted sconces).

I’ll break up all the white with a beautiful solid wood built-in floor-to-ceiling linen closet. Again, I want lots of drawers, but I’ll probably do glass doors on the upper half. I do okay at keeping the linen closet tidy, but there are always those mismatched sheets, shampoo bottles or tissue boxes that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to have on display.

My biggest question is whether I should try to separate the tub and shower. It would be a bit of a squeeze to fit everything in, but we could probably do it. Is a country style claw foot tub worth it? If we keep the tub and shower together, how would you get a country feel?

With the high iron content in our water (even after it runs through our filtration system) everything turns orange very quickly. I’d rather not have tonnes of grout to clean, but one of those acrylic monsters doesn’t say “farm” to me. I also don’t love getting up close and personal with a shower curtain. What would you do?

The floor is an area where I’m open to having a bit of fun. A patterned cement tile like Jenna Sue? A wood-look tile? Really retro with black and white?

I also like the idea of wood planks on the walls. We currently have fake paneling that’s been painted. It’s so stained, that no matter how many times I wipe it down I can still see where pictures hung in the past. I think real wood would be a step up. But would that be okay in a bathroom? I like a really hot shower, so I’m worried about how the steam will affect the wood.

Lighting is still TBD. I actually really like the cut glass swags that we have currently. In fact, you might remember I found a vintage light to match them. However, I’m not sure that they go with my vision for the new space. Do I just do pots and sconces?

Hmmm, I still have lots of things to sort out apparently. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t have to dive into a full on reno.

What would you do with this space? What style is your dream bathroom? What fixtures are on your wishlist?

12 thoughts on “Beautiful bathroom to be?

  1. We just put in wood paneling for our master bath and our plan for combating the steam is two-fold. 1. semi-gloss paint to help repel and condensation. 2. quality vent fan that is tied to turning on the light in the shower. So you can’t take a shower without the vent fan being on. Make sure it has a good CFM rating too so that it isn’t weak and anemic. The shower/tub question is difficult. I don’t know if it’s worth it to separate them if you’re going to feel cramped in both of them. The old school claw foots look awesome, but the fixture tend to be pricier, plus they usually aren’t as long as someone really wants for soaking. I think you’re better off keeping them together. I would use the shower curtain and how you tile the shower area as the ways to make the space feel more country – maybe one of those wood-look tiles or use the classic subway? Whatever you decide, good luck and enjoy your dreaming!

    • I like the sounds of your bathroom. Sounds lovely… and smartly designed.

      Thanks for your point about the possibility of being cramped in a small tub and small shower versus one bigger piece. That totally makes sense to me and helps me work through the pros and cons.

  2. Oh, you have so much potential there, the basic layout looks great! I agree with Laura’s comment above, if the two separate fixtures will feel cramped, then it may not be worth it. We have been discussing possibly designing our master bath so that we do not have a door for the shower. I don’t like curtains or cleaning shower doors! But we haven’t went much farther than the idea, we really need to research the design layout so that this will work.

    You have some gorgeous inspiration pins so I know you are on the right track!

  3. I think keeping them as one will give you more room. And shower curtains are easy to wash, and you could sew one out of any fabric you like. For your mirror, you could keep the mirror that’s there and glue on a wooden frame around it…..that’s what my parents did and it looks great. Looks like a very large framed mirror. Would be a good way to get some of the natural/farm look but still be practical. I would make it farm-like with accessories and colours, but still keep it functional (tile, full size shower/bath etc.).

    • So you’re saying I should embrace the modern conveniences and not go too far in my country leanings. 🙂 Good advice.

      I like your point about washability and flexibility with fabric. I like how real everyone’s being. It’s easy to prioritize form over function, but if I’m the one using and cleaning the bathroom, function is pretty important.

  4. Haha, I’m going to come in on the other side. I sent you two pins (so I wouldn’t take up your comment section with them, lol), one of a clawfoot with a glass surround, and one of a clawfoot with a really big oval rod, so big it should reduce any possible contact with the curtain while you are showering.
    I love those cement patterned tiles! All the ones I’ve seen have been gorgeous. If I were going to plank the walls in a bathroom, I’d probably paint and polycrylic all four sides of each board before putting them on the wall. It’s a small room, so it wouldn’t be too much work to do that, and it would mean there would be no way for moisture to get between and warp the wood; it would have no access point. I vote for two smaller mirrors. They can be still quite large, but I find those big systems like in the YHL pin are almost intimidating: so big and looming.
    So that’s my two cents! Have fun dreaming; when the time comes you’ll be so ready!

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