A changing view

Soybeans turning gold

At the end of August, over the course of just one week, our soybeans suddenly turned gold. We knew it was coming after our first soybean crop last year. However, we were amazed at how quickly it happened this year.

And within a short time of going gold, the plants went brown. They dropped their leaves and the beans are starting to dry. I love hearing them rattle as we walk through the field–a familiar sound from last year.

We do still have a few spots of green–the random corn stalks that were mixed in with our soybean seed lot.

Cornstalk in the soybeans

Pretty much any view across the fields is special to me. It’s awesome to look over the property and know that it’s all ours. Seeing the productivity of the land and how it changes over the year is something that I’ve come to treasure since moving to the farm.

If we go with last year’s experience, we are still about a month away from the harvest. We’ll continue enjoying the view and monitoring the crop.

What’s the view like at your place? How do you track the progress of the seasons? What harvests are happening in your area? Does anyone else have random plants that spring up on your property?


4 thoughts on “A changing view

  1. I felt the same way this year, it seems like the soybeans turned brown incredibly quickly! We are surrounded on 3 sides by corn and soybeans on our south side. I always enjoy when the corn is shelled because all of the sudden we can see for miles!

    I have heard of a few farmers that have begun harvest down here, but our fields are still a couple weeks away from harvest.

  2. We seemed to have an overnight change from summer to fall as well. There was a big wind, it died down and poof! Fall was here.
    I’m glad to see your odd stalk of corn. It’s a reminder that we live in a real, imperfect world and not the one Monsanto keeps trying to force on us.

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