Lamp makeover

November is turning into lighting month over here. Last week was the dining room chandelier and the basement chandelier. This week I have a new lamp to show you.

If you think back to February, you might recall that I posted about struggling to find a lamp that I liked for the end of the couch in the basement. Well, things move like lightning over here–lightning I tell you–because just 9 months later I’m ready to show you my solution.

Lamp makeover before

Ummm… not quite.

A thrifted lamp was my starting point. It was the right height. I liked the shape. The base wouldn’t take up a whole lot of space on our tiny end table.

I took care of the brass with the same shiny silver spray paint that I used on the original dining room chandelier.

Lamp makeover

As much as I liked the turquoise colour, I was not a fan of the flowers. So everything got a coat of deep purple spray paint.

Purple lamp



I like having pops of colour in the basement, and purple is a colour I’ve not used yet.

Turns out the purple works. I really like how it looks in the basement.

But I have a dilemma.

What lampshade looks best? (Ignore the shiny cellophane wrapping.)

I have a (slightly crooked) grey option.

Grey lampshade

Or a white option.

White lampshade

What’s your vote?


11 thoughts on “Lamp makeover

  1. I like the gray and love the silver and purple but wonder how useful that lamp will be – unless it is just background lighting. The table is too low for the lamp to be used for task lighting – I think you would need the bottom of the shade to be quite a bit higher than the arm of the sofa.

    • 🙂 You are absolutely right, Cheryl. This is pretty much a useless lamp. We learned from our experience with the Barometer light that we didn’t want task lighting. We just wanted a background glow so that we didn’t have to turn on the overhead potlights. If we want to read or sew, then we resort to the overheads, but usually we’re just watching TV down here, and this lamp lets us do it not completely in the dark.

  2. I like the grey better, though I like the shape of the white one better. Not very helpful, sorry! I’m with you on gentle lighting while watching TV, also on doing more than one thing. I love your pops of colour in the basement, too.

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