The season of making

I love making presents for people. (And I love getting handmade presents too).

Some of my making so far this year has been peanut butter balls for Matt, blanket shawls for several people (need to make one for myself–I love those shawls), chocolate zucchini breads for my team at work (using homegrown zucchini of course) and a wood sign for a special colleague.

Life lessons wood plaque

I’m not good at making friends at work, but Tania and I really connected. In the new year, she’ll be starting a new job in Toronto. I will miss working with her.

When I was thinking about a going-away gift, I thought back to the conversations we’ve had during our late evenings in the office. Usually, we end up talking about life and what’s really important. I thought about this growth chart that Becky from sketchy styles made. It is full of good lessons for any age.

I scaled it down a wee bit, added checkboxes rather than height markings, changed a couple of items (“drink good wine” seemed appropriate for my friend) and renamed it a to-do list rather than a hero chart (Tania is the queen of to-do lists).

Life lessons wood plaque

I gave the sign to Tania yesterday, and she loved it. She also totally got it. That’s the best part of gift giving: finding the perfect gift that matches up with the people you’re giving to.

Are you making any gifts this year? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? Have you ever received a special handmade gift?

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6 thoughts on “The season of making

  1. Love this! We have a group of 6 girlfriends and we exchanged names this year and our only requirement was the gift has to be handmade. I plan to write about it after we exchange in January!
    I love that to-do list for your friend! I hope she completes them all!

  2. This is so awesome. What a great, meaningful gift. I’ve never made a gift for anyone because I can’t really make anything someone would want, lol. My brother has made his own holiday cards for several years, though, and we all love getting them.

  3. I’m so into crafting this year, I’ve made almost all my gifts. I only bought one or two. I’ve been crocheting, making alcohol ink ornaments, sewing, drilling and polishing driftwood for votives, painting, glittering, you name it! This is the year for it.
    I also love that to-do list you made. What an awesome gift! 🙂

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