Waiting for ice to arrive

We’re two weeks away from New Year’s Day. Every year that we’ve been at the farm, I’ve been able to go skating on the pond on New Year’s.

Unless we get a serious cold snap for Christmas, I don’t think skating’s going to be on the activity list.

The surface of the pond is more about reflections these days than it is about ice.

Pond on a foggy fall afternoon

The water is trickling in the creek.

Creek running over mossy stones

The deer paths around the shore are very, very squishy–not even close to frozen–mud.

Muddy deer trail

The reeds are still green.

Green reeds in the pond

A thirsty puppy even has a place to get a drink.

Baxter drinking from the creek

2016 is coming no matter what. Skating? I’m not so sure.

What’s the weather like where you are? How are you planning to celebrate New Year’s? Do you have any traditions you’re looking forward to?

7 thoughts on “Waiting for ice to arrive

  1. You have such beautiful property Julia! Today is the coldest it has been for the month of December and it is 38F not even freezing yet! Definitely a mild December for us! But the weather forecasters are saying that we are in for a bad January and February!
    We are planning a low-key New Year’s, probably watching football and eating too much! I hope you get to go ice skating soon! 🙂

  2. Had some snow this morning & had such fun tobogganing (we have a small hill in our backyard). Looks like it will be all gone in the next day or two, which is a shame – Christmas just isn’t the same without snow on the ground.

  3. Did you get your ice yet? The weather has really gone crazy. I think even some of the climate-change deniers must be starting to change their tune. We had six storms blow through in under two weeks – about a winter’s worth – and the rest of the time it’s been super warm for this time of year.

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