Merry Christmas

Ice-coated red berries

Reaching back into the photo archives to #IceStorm2013–two years ago this week–to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday.

Thanks for hanging out with me in this little corner of the internet over the past year. I appreciate you following along with our farm adventures.

Merry Christmas.

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Good morning, Julia,

    What a beautiful picture/Christmas card!

    Paul, Julie, the kids and I drove up to David’s just ahead of the storm. At Lion’s Head it was a big snow to be played in. Coming home, from Wiarton down, it was the results of the storm. Steve was here,glad that I had a gas fireplace and Weeks had batteries.

    This Christmas we could golf!

    Enjoy your Christmas! I have certainly enjoyed reading your posts this year!

    Love, Auntie Anne

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