First snow at first light

A few people had requested photos of the farm covered in snow. So far, there’s not been much to show you, as very little snow has fallen. However, on Monday some snow arrived, so yesterday morning as the sun was coming up I grabbed some photos for you.

Snow covered grasses at dawn

Sun rising over snow covered farm

Sun rising over snow covered farm

Snow covered bench

Sun rising over snow covered farm

What’s the weather like where you are?

8 thoughts on “First snow at first light

  1. Beautiful photos. I wish it snowed here there is something very special about a snow covered landscape. We live on a small farm in Southern Australia and at the moment it’s very hot and dry. My garden is struggling with the 40*C days. I am spending a lot of time hand watering so that plants survive.

  2. Beeuuutiful !! Thks. for sharing.
    It is finally cold (44) in S.C. but we almost never get snow here in the middle part of the state .

  3. Here it is warmish/coldish. It’s neither fish nor flesh nor good red herring. How I would love a cold, dry dump of snow! But seriously, I can’t complain.
    The pictures are lovely. Your farm is beautiful, as always. 🙂

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