The fireplace gets a German accent

It occurs to me that I haven’t shown you our winter mantel yet.

This year is pretty similar to last year. The snowshoes, the candles, the antlers, the lantern.

But there is one new addition.

Courtesy of Matt.

Autographed Heino album on the mantel

I’m not sure why this has to go on the mantel.

Autographed Heino album

Apparently, back in high school when instant messaging was just getting going (oh Lord, I just did the math and that was 20 years ago… holy moly), Heino was Matt’s avatar.

I don’t think Matt was a particular Heino fan. I’m not sure he’s even heard his music. Don’t ask me to decipher the mind of a teenage boy.

Somehow, his oldest brother remembered this, and when he saw this autographed Heino album in a thrift store the other week, he bought it for Matt.

Autographed Heino album

And now it’s on our mantel.

Fortunately, spring is almost here, so I’ll be redecorating soon and the winter mantel (along with Heino) can move on.

In the meantime, I leave you for the weekend with Heino, a Hit Medley. You’re welcome.

Who else’s partner “helps” with decorating around the house? Do you remember IMing with your friends–way back before texting? Better yet, do you remember your avatar? Do you collect vinyl (despite appearances, we do not)? Is anyone a Heino fan?


7 thoughts on “The fireplace gets a German accent

  1. Ohhh…gotta love that help with decorating, LOL. I have never heard of Heino. That is, not until now. Sharon does have a large vinyl collection, so perhaps I will look for a greatest hits for her…NOT *snicker*

  2. We’ve seen old Heino clips on TV in Germany – totally hokey! Our son and daughter-in-law consider him utterly, laughably dumb. Cracks us up to see the autographed album on your mantel; what a “collectible”! Cheers! Dave & Sharynne

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