Looking for sawzall suggestions

One of the major perks of being a daughter of a contractor is the tools. Not only do I have access to all of my Dad’s tools, he also gives me tools when he upgrades.

That is the case with my hand-me-down vintage Sawzall.

Vintage Milwaukee Sawzall

Now I appreciate this saw. It’s come in very handy. But I think it’s time that I upgraded for myself.

My biggest complaint with this saw is the cord.

Cord and plug

I would love to have a cordless sawzall. But I have no experience with cordless sawzalls. Even the one that my Dad uses currently has a cord. So I’m looking for advice. Any suggestions of what to look for when I go shopping? What do you think is the best brand? Is a battery powered sawzall actually powerful enough to saw all?

14 thoughts on “Looking for sawzall suggestions

  1. Julia! That old Milwaukee was the best in it’s day. DeWalt makes a nice 20v model – I have the corded version and it’s worked fine. I’m not sure it’s worth the money over cordless. I use mine more than an average person, but after demo projects, it’s not as useful. I got the corded version and picked up a Porter Cable oscillating saw – which you will find you can’t live without once you use one.

  2. I love that old sawzall, but I am guessing it is very heavy! We have a corded DeWalt and a cordless Porter Cable. DeWalt is not may favorite brand for a lot of tools but I would pick it hands down just because it is corded. The cordless sawzall will work when you don’t have a power supply but it is not nearly as strong and the battery just does not last. If you are picking one for your normal use, there is no question I would choose a corded.

  3. I have a dewalt 20v cordless and a bosch corded. The dewalt has power for anything I’ve ever needed it for, the batteries just don’t give it a long run time, and the batteries are expensive.

    I’m an electrician so a lot of times we don’t have power to use the corded, but if I can I’ll use the corded one unless it’s something really quick.

  4. Stick with the corded style. You will not regret your decision. Everything said about the battery version is true. Remember, you are not using this in a commercial setting where the saw gets frequent use. Porter Cable, Dewalt, Makita are good brands among many good brands that are available and will give you years of service.

  5. Julia, I do not know why I did not recommend the Milwaukee Sawzall. I have never owned this brand; however, the company has a good reputation and offers the saw at prices competitive with the three brands I mentioned up to the most expensive industrial grade saws. Good luck.

  6. Might be a little late for my input, but I would suggest that whatever recip saw you get, make sure it has an orbital mode. Makes cutting through wood MUCH faster. Nice vintage sawzall BTW. THE namesake. My dad had one of those too, maybe everyone had one back then. Must’ve been a game changer.

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