The highlight of my week

Mother goose and gosling

The highlight of my week happened last Wednesday. I held a brand new baby gosling.

It was just a few seconds, but it was pretty special.

The gosling was outside at my work. His Mom was in the flowerbed above, but he couldn’t make the leap up the ledge. She just stood in the flowerbed and kept calling him, and he kept valiantly trying to leap more than 6 times his own height.

After observing–and (who am I kidding) talking to them–for a few minutes, I decided I would see if Mama would let me touch the baby. I walked over to the ledge, kept a close eye on Mama and made a quick grab. I set baby in the flowerbed, and he and Mama trotted up the hill.

No geese or geese-crazy women were harmed.

Although my geese craziness has reached a new level. I think coop construction just moved up the priority list. I need some birds back in my life.

What was the highlight of your week (or weekend)? Do you have any goslings in your neighbourhood?

4 thoughts on “The highlight of my week

  1. Awww! I haven’t seen any goslings or ducklings yet. I have touched a goose though: a few years back I was walking Bear through Beacon Hill Park (Victoria) and there are a ton of geese and ducks there. They are super tame. We were walking along and a goose wandered right by and suddenly Bear lunged and grabbed it by the neck!! I was so horrified, screaming “drop it”, and when he didn’t I dropped to my knees and grabbed the goose’s neck on either side of his mouth and sort of wrestled the goose away from him. The goose seemed to realize I was trying to help and was very passive, though wild-eyed. As soon as the dumb dog actually dropped the goose, it hustled away shaking out its tail feathers and honking VERY indignantly! Needless to say Bear doesn’t get to walk in Beacon Hill Park anymore. O_O

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