Forsythia failure

I’m not sure I should even be posting about this, but it’s part of an annual tradition for me and something I like to track, so here goes.

Here is the forsythia out in bloom this year.

Unblooming forsythia

Impressive, n’est-ce pas?

Allow me to look back 4 years to our first spring here.

Forsythia by the drive shed.

Yeah. So apparently we have not been good for the forsythia. Our bushes are doing big fat nothing this year.

After a few years of less than impressive blossoms, I gave it a vicious haircut last spring. It didn’t bounce back the way I hoped. In fact, we have the fewest blooms yet–three. Yes, I counted.

Forsythia blossom

Even the green leaves don’t seem to be as plentiful. Some of the old branches that I trimmed last year have hollow centres. Anyone know if this is a symptom of anything?

Hollow forsythia branch

I’m choosing to believe that the forsythia is still in the process of bouncing back, so maybe new growth will come this year, which will bring more blossoms next year.

A girl can dream, right?

Any ideas of how to convince the forsythia to bloom?


13 thoughts on “Forsythia failure

  1. What I have always heard about forsythia is that you cut back or out, a third of the canes each year, presumably the largest ones. And you do that soon after the bush blooms (or after it SHOULD bloom). If you gave it a trim last year, the three buds just happen to be ones you missed. It will come back, but will take a while. Any damaged or hollow canes should be cut down.

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