Dry fields hoping for rain

Oats harvest

Last week our farmer harvested our fields. It’s been an incredibly dry season. As the tractor rolled across the fields dust plumed behind the wheels.

The fields had been planted with oats. Our farmer was not happy with them, but it looked like he got a good quantity of bales.

Baler behind the hay wagon

He was hoping desperately for rain in the next couple of days. Underneath the oats, he had also planted hay. We needed rain or else we were going to lose all of his seeds.

On Wednesday night, just a few hours after the harvest, the skies opened up. We had rain off and on for two days.

Hopefully that means good things for his seeds.

Tractor harvesting blaes of oats

It would be nice to have another harvest yet this year.

What’s the weather been like in your area?




6 thoughts on “Dry fields hoping for rain

  1. Our garden is dry right now. But we got a nice rain last week and it seemed to jump start everything, including weeds unfortunately. I really don’t see oats growing down around us, that would be neat to see close up.

  2. He planted hay seeds underneath the oat seeds, that’s quite something! I didn’t know that’s how they did it. I’m glad the rains came. We have had lots of rain this July, but I’m hoping for sun next weekend, for my son’s wedding. The rehearsal luncheon is on Saturday at our house (for 30! There’s no room inside for them!) and the wedding is on the beach on Sunday. So far, the forecast looks very promising. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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