Beating the heat

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but here in Southern Ontario we are having a serious heatwave.

So what do you do if it’s mid-July and the forecast is showing hot and sunny all weekend? For many Ontarians, the answer is head to cottage country where you can be by a lake. In fact, that’s just what my husband did.

However, if you’re me, the answer is, “Why don’t you go by yourself? I’ll stay here and tape the drywall.”


Yeah. I dunno what’s wrong with me.

Drywalling the laundry room

Thanks to our basement waterproofing (I promise I’ll share more details on this project), we have some drywall to repair. We also are building an extra closet in our laundry room, so we decided to do all the drywall at the same time.

We spent last week on framing, insulating and drywalling. Matt and I hung the last few sheets on Friday before he left. We’re a little rusty at drywall. Measurements were off and gaps between sheets were large. Fortunately, paste covers a lot.

By the time Matt got home, I had finished the first two coats, and things were looking much better.

Plus, the basement was cool. Not quite lakeside, but not an altogether terrible way to spend a weekend.

What did you get up to this weekend? Do you like the summer heat? I love it, honestly, and would have been quite happy to spend my weekend outside versus in the air conditioning. Would anyone else have prioritized drywall over a weekend away? Did you see the temperatures from Basra? I think that’s a little hot even for me.

7 thoughts on “Beating the heat

  1. I agree, what’s wrong with you! hahaha You traded a weekend at the lake for drywalling??
    The temperatures here are miserable as well. We spent yesterday finishing up the chicken coop, inside the barn, with no air movement. Steve is a saint for helping me on this project. But the good news is, the only thing left to do, before chickens can move in, is their door to the outside and a fan (for that air movement!).

    I always enjoy some summer heat, but by mid-September I am usually hoping for cooler weather. I had to google Basra…oh my goodness, that is hot weather!

  2. I LIVE in a basement….and right now I am grateful for that. We spent part of the weekend at the beach (at my son’s wedding!) and I am a bit burnt, but not too bad. I was lucky: one of our friends burnt so bad she blistered!

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