Making Monarchs and memories

Our days here at the farm start early. In the darkness on Wednesday morning, Matt noticed that the chrysalis for both of our Monarch caterpillars had turned black. In actual fact, they had turned clear. However, they look black because the black wings of the butterfly inside are showing through.

Monarch chrysalis about to hatch

We figured that later that day, we’d be proud parents.

I took Baxter for our morning walk and Matt left for work.

About 45 minutes later I was back in the kitchen making my breakfast. I turned around, and there was a butterfly in the bowl on the island.

Holy moly, EdWING actually had wings!

Newly hatched Monarch butterfly

I went a little bananas. I took lots of birth photos. I messaged Matt. I tweeted and instagrammed the official birth announcement.

I was officially late for work.

Eventually though, I had to leave. That mean EdWING had to go outside.  I’ve been referencing Karen’s “how to raise a Monarch butterfly” series a lot as we progressed with our caterpillars. A quick check of her site said that Ed would hang around and rest for about 2-3 hours and then he’d be ready to fly. Well, that would be when Matt and I were very much still at work. I couldn’t rely on Baxter to send his new brother out into the world, so Ed had to finish his resting outside on his own.

I found the most sheltered area I could and hid Ed under some leaves so that he hopefully didn’t turn into breakfast for a hungry bird.

Monarch butterfly

Last I saw of him he was gently opening and closing his wings. So, so beautiful.

Monarch butterfly

Kevin no-longer-a-CATERPillar hatched a little while later. Matt came home to a restless butterfly in a bowl.

Monarch butterfly in a glass bowl

He took him outside, and Kevin flew away.

Two Monarch butterflies. Out into the world. So, so amazing. We’ve made lots of memories since moving to the farm, and this is definitely another special one.



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