Hallowe’en look back

Gourds in a wooden bowlThis is our fifth Hallowe’en at the farm. Over the years, we’ve learned not to expect trick or treaters to trek up our long driveway–but Matt bought some candy just in case.

This year, the extent of my fall decorating (I can’t even call it Hallowe’en) is a bowl of gourds on the dining room table in one of my Dad’s hand-turned wood bowls.

Here’s a look back at Hallowe’en through the years.

Our first Hallowe’en, we carved a pumpkin based on Christopher Lee’s performance as Dracula–one of Matt’s favourite movies. The pumpkin even sat on the front stoop for a little while before we realized we were the only ones that were going to enjoy it and we brought it in to the fireplace hearth.

Dracula pumpkin carving

Our second Hallowe’en at the farm was our first Hallowe’en with Baxter. He showed off his tricks to earn a few treats. I’m writing more about trick training over at ThatMutt.com today.

An eclipse coincided with our third Hallowe’en, creating a spooky blood moon.


Last year, our fourth Hallowe’en, I created a creepy haunted forest complete with real animal skulls on the mantel. I still love this display.

Hallowe'en mantel

How are you celebrating Hallowe’en at your house? Do you decorate for Hallowe’en? Are you going trick or treating?

6 thoughts on “Hallowe’en look back

  1. This was the first year the kids said they were too old to carve pumpkins. 😥 But we did throw together a last minute Katniss Everdeen costume. I even sewed a quiver. Well, it is sewing to the extent that I can do, I would be embarrassed for you, as a talented seamstress, to even see it! hahaha

  2. I decorated my studio for a Halloween performance party that I have every year. Otherwise, it was gourds for me as well!

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