3/3 of a china cabinet

Want to see the thrifting score of the year?

Last December I wrote about a pair of large bookcases I found at Value  Village and my intention to turn them into a china cabinet in the dining room. I also wrote that I had really hoped to find three bookcases, but the store only had two (hence the 2/3 title of that post).

90s bookcases as china cabinet

More than six months later, in a different Value Village, in a different town, I came face to face with a bookcase.

It looked like it might be the same as the bookcases we already had at home. I actually called up my original blog post on my phone and tried to compare the pictures of the cabinets with the bookcase standing in front of me.

I was pretty sure they were a match.

In another sign that the universe was on my side that day, we were driving my Dad’s truck, so we had a way to transport the bookcase. And Matt had a 30% off coupon.

The bookcase became ours.

When we placed it in the dining room, sure enough, it was a match.


90s bookcases as china cabinet

I still have plans to make over this trio, but when that day comes I will no longer have to build the middle section from scratch. For now I’m quite happy to have 3/3 of a china cabinet sitting in the dining room.

10 thoughts on “3/3 of a china cabinet

  1. Awesome! Are you going to make them look like built-ins? They almost span that wall, so with a little trim and some filler pieces between them and on the ends, they could look like large built-ins!

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