Staying in

Cozy night in the living room in front of the fireplace

Our living room is definitely a work in progress. I’ve shared bits and pieces, like our bookshelves, the sideboard turned sofa table with its display of family photos, the TV stand, the bar cart turned side table and of course our fieldstone fireplace.

Even though there are still things on my to-do list (just don’t look up to the stippled ceiling or giant green ceiling fan, okay?) we love our living room. In fact, this is the room we use the most at the farm.

We are home bodies and prefer to stay in most of the time. Over the holidays, the mattress company Leesa reached out to me and asked me to share the elements that make up my perfect night in. Since this topic is such a fit for me, I wanted to participate.

Most evenings, we come home from work, light a fire and then we have dinner in the living room. Since finishing the fireplace two years ago, this room has become the place we spend our winter evenings.

For me, a wood burning fire is essential to a winter night in. Building this fieldstone fireplace was a dream that I had for years, and it added such country character to our home.

While a brown couch is not the most popular decor choice, it’s a very livable piece of furniture. This is the first piece of furniture we bought when we moved into our first house, and it’s almost 10 years old and still comfortable. We sit, watch TV, eat, sleep and work on this couch–and, yes, doggies are welcome too.

Baxter snuggling on the couch

Obviously, the throws (or as I grew up calling them, afghans) are functional and not just decorative, especially on a cold winter night. Leesa has a blanket to go with their mattresses. It looks super cozy and warm–a great option for staying in, whether you’re snuggling on the couch or dozing in bed.

For me, I’m all about incorporating personal and family pieces in my decor and these knitted afghans are completely that. My Grandma, who taught me how to knit, made the one draped over the back of the couch, and I knit the one with the flowers.

Rounding out my perfect night in are my favourite two-legged guy, a few candles, my favourite fizzy drink, a salty snack and some good TV–we love Ken Burns’ documentaries and are making our way through Baseball (not an affiliate link) right now–it’s so good.

Since moving to the farm, we’d rather be here than anywhere else. Having a living room that’s truly for living is the perfect encouragement for staying in on cozy winter nights.

Are you a home body or do you like to go out on the town? What makes a perfect night in for you? Any other documentary fans out there? Do you have any afghans at your house?

Disclosure: I’m not receiving product or financial compensation from Leesa for this post. This is simply a topic that resonated with me, and I liked the idea of being part of this series with Leesa. Learn more about the Leesa mattress

10 thoughts on “Staying in

  1. I have quite a few afgahns around our home as well as quilts, all home made by family members. We prefer to be home. Home is where the ❤️️ is. 😊
    Ps, love the fireplace!

    • Okay. So it’s not just me that calls them that! That’s so special to have homemade quilts too. I don’t know how to quilt, so those always seem like a lot of work to me. It means a lot when someone puts so much of their time and effort into making something–and then gives it to you!

  2. I agree–cozy blankets and a nice fire! We have a gas fireplace which is a close second to a real wood-burning fireplace–there are many nights that my husband and I just lounge on the floor with blankets and pillows, reading and drinking beer/wine. I never would have insisted on having a fireplace before buying our house, but now I don’t know what I’d do without it. When we both had the flu two years ago we basically laid in front of the fireplace for a week straight!
    And my mom has knit a few afghans herself! But only home-knit ones get the honorable name of “afghan” in our family–store-bought are just blankets or throws. 🙂

    • There’s nothing that beats a fire, IMO. When I moved out of my parents house, the fireplace is what I missed the most. It sounds like you and your husband have some very enjoyable evenings. And I love the distinction that only home-knit blankets qualify as afghans.

  3. Ahhhh, a fireplace is still on my dream house list! I have a couple handmade afghans, my mom is a quilter so I have a couple quilts, and then of course, just purchased throws. And everyone gets their own. The dogs even have their own throws.

    Your flower afghan is absolutely gorgeous Julia! I have tried to knit, and I can get the basic stitches down, but it feels very awkward to me. Crocheting feels more comfortable but I am not a master by any means. My cousin told me that some people either feel more comfortable doing one or the other. Have you found that to be true?

  4. Your living room looks lovely. So cozy and warm! Our fireplace is probably the thing I miss the most from our previous home. (That and full-height ceilings.) We love blankets too, and make the same distinction – homemade are afghans and store bought are throws. When I was a kid my older sister learned to knit by making a huge afghan – bigger than any size of blanket I think! She made it of all squares and rectangles using leftover wool from my mum’s projects, and practiced lots of different stitches. It was practically a member of the family. 😀

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