Home Goals 2017

Alright. It’s officially time to start looking ahead. Time to share my Home Goals 2017.

Unusually, I’ve not been thinking about these for the past few months. Some of them have solidified over the last few weeks–one of them even started just before the end of last year. Some of them came together just as I was writing this post.

I think we’re getting to the stage where more things are done around the house–and the things that are yet to come are biggies. As in so big we’re not ready to tackle them yet (although I really, really, really want a garage).

However, there’s still enough to keep us busy for another year. Here’s what’s on the list.

My office

Turquoise and brass file cabinet from DIY Mommy

Source: DIY Mommy

Ahhh. My office. Finally a room of my own (thank you Virginia Woolf–not an affiliate link). I don’t know as I can convey the monumentalness of this project–except by making up words. Five years ago we moved to the farm. Since that time, moving boxes have been stacked against the wall in my “office.” I want to unpack and truly have a functional office. Finishing off my office will finish off another milestone for the house: the final bedroom.

The transformation is already underway. This is the project that Matt and I started right at the end of December–gotta keep up our holiday tradition of scraping a stippled ceiling.

Clean up the pond shore

Property clean up has been on my list every year. And every year I end up working on whatever spot shows up in front of me. This year I want to be a little more plannful. This year, I am cleaning up the pond shore–how’s that for an emphatic statement.

The pond is my favourite place on our whole 129 acres. And I haven’t been able to easily access the shore the whole time we’ve lived here. I’ve considered enlisting professional help, but I think if I put out a call, I should be able to find a few family members willing to wield chainsaws and weed eaters for a weekend.

Vegetable garden

The vegetable garden was our major project last year, and as a result I feel like we’re in very good shape to start this year’s growing season. However, there are a few things I’d like to add this year, like rhubarb, a second row of berries (maybe raspberries, maybe something else) and maybe some more grapes.

Most important, this year I am going to keep the weeds under control–another emphatic statement. I’m hoping a deep mulch will help me not spend my whole summer weeding.

Flower gardens

Last year our flower gardens were entirely neglected as the vegetable garden consumed all our time. This year I want to give them at least a little bit of attention.

I’ve dumped plants randomly in two beds at the front of the house, and they need a bit of organization. I’d like to add some more shade tolerant flowers to the turnaround.

I’m also planning to remove the flowerbeds at the back of the house (there are only so many hours in a day, and mowing is easier than weeding).


I’ve said it before. The basement has been hanging around long enough. This is the year we’re going to finish it once and for all–including fun art.

New barn cat

Ralph the barn cat

This one may be more of a farm goal than a home goal.

We have an outstanding barn cat in Ralph. So outstanding that we’d love for her to teach someone the wisdom of her ways. I’m not sure exactly how we’re going to go about finding her an apprentice, but we’re going to figure it out.

So there you have it. Six goals. Two inside, three outside, one alive. Some big, some small, one with a tail. Some easy, some tedious, some furry.

We’ll see how this goes.

Time to get started!

Do you have any goals for this year? What would you like to accomplish at your house? Any tips for introducing a new barn cat? Anyone want to help clear the shore at the pond?

6 thoughts on “Home Goals 2017

  1. I always find your goals so inspiring (and make me wish I had a farm!).

    After a sewer back-up this fall that led to a complete gut and redo of the finished basement (kids playroom, office space, and TV space), I am working on getting all the stuff unpacked and reorganized. As a result, I figured now is a good time to do a major purge of the stuff down there (my office stuff, and the kids toys, as well as all the laundry). I am hoping this major purge and organization (and because some furniture had to be replaced and I was able to pick pieces that actually fit the space), will lead to a purge and organization upstairs. Basically, my home goals are to have a home I love, that is finally my style (not the style from when my ex-husband lived there), and finally an actual style, rather than a mishmash. Next month I redo Piper’s bedroom – she wants a loft bed. So by the end of the year, a new house top to bottom. And then I want to do the backyard more (it’s been an ongoing project) – I want a cutting garden and more vegetable beds.

    Can’t wait to see how your office finally comes together!

    • A sewer back-up? That’s terrible! You’re definitely looking on the brightside with focusing on the opportunities for a fresh start. And sounds like you have some other big plans too. I’m sure Piper is excited. Thanks so much for reading along. I’m glad you’re finding some inspiration!

  2. You have some great goals! I would like to work on adding more flowers to our yard, but in a way that is manageable so that I don’t get overwhelmed with extra work.

    Around here there is never a shortage of stray cats. In fact, there is one hanging around our barn now that doesn’t belong to us. To introduce new cats I have never had a certain method but I usually start by giving them separate food bowls at a distance from each other so neither feels threatened that the other is going to steal their food. Over time, as they become acquainted I can usually move them closer together. It took about a year for Ruff and Toothless to eat meals side by side.

  3. I love that inspiration picture for the office. I’m excited to see how yours comes together. Actually, all your plans sound great.
    My plans…hmmm. I’d like to finish painting around here, and continue purging, as I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job with that lately. I have so many unfinished projects around that I’d like to complete. Plus I’d like to make the handmade gifts for next Christmas much earlier this year.
    If you got a kitten from another farm, one that had been born in a barn, that would be an excellent prospect for Ralph’s apprentice. If you get a stray or another kitten that wasn’t born in a barn, perhaps get it in the summer so it can get used to living outside when it is warm out. Where does Ralph sleep?

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