Burning tree stumps

Let’s go back in time. Waaaaay back to my second month of blogging and my 20th post ever.

On a foggy spring morning, I snapped a photo of this old stump covered in moss and mushrooms.

Old stump

While I certainly appreciated the natural beauty of the stump, I didn’t appreciate its location in the middle of the “yard” (can’t really call it a lawn back then) between the driveshed and the garden.

My strategy was to make the stump into our firepit.

Burning a stump

That was in spring of 2013.

Burning a stump

Now, in the fall of 2017, I can finally stay the stump is officially gone. On the weekend, I shoveled up two years worth of ash (I’ve done this cleanout once before) and leveled the ground.

Surprisingly, remnants of the stump were still there. It was very squishy and rotten, so I easily hacked it down with my shovel (here’s how I keep my shovels sharp). Then I raked everything level.

Burning a stump

After Matt hit another stump with the mower over the weekend, we have a new candidate for the next firepit. We also happen to have no shortage of brush and deadfall, so stump removal 2.0 is now underway.

Stumps to be burnt

Burning brush at the farm

Tree maintenance is ongoing at the farm.

Do you have a firepit at your house? Have you ever burnt a stump? Any techniques or advice for removing stumps?

11 thoughts on “Burning tree stumps

  1. I drill some holes in the stump, pour salt down the holes, then paint the top of the stump over with whatever paint I have lying around then cover it with leaves, mulch, compost, whatever have around. And reapply mulch/compost as I notice it might need it. A couple years later it’s usually gone.

  2. We cut down a cedar hedge at our old house, then we dug holes around the roots a bit. Our friend came with his truck and we wrapped a chain around the roots and he pulled them out, one tree at a time. It was pretty exciting! The yard was completely torn up afterwards, but we were redoing it anyway so it was much easier with the hedge roots gone.
    Your farm in general looks so much more “kempt” than before! I’ve been noticing that a lot lately. You guys are rocking being farm owners! SO much work!

    • I’ve heard of the chain technique although I’ve never tried it before. We could give it a try with Wiley, probably, but I’m not sure he’d get the traction he needs.

      Thanks so much for saying things are looking better. That means a lot. I don’t always notice it because I see it every day.

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