Early mornings in Illinois

I would not call myself a morning person, but there is something magical about those early moments in the day. Time to be alone and enjoy the quiet of the farm. Time to be productive and tackle a little bit of work. Sarah in Illinois–also not a morning person–has come to appreciate her morning routine. She is here today, sharing a bit about how she starts her day.

Having chickens requires me to get up a little earlier every morning to tend to them. This isn’t the easiest for someone who readily admits she is not a “morning person.” However, I do enjoy the fact that everything is a little more peaceful just as the sun rises. It also allows me to spend a little one on one time with Blitz. We like to play ball and visit with Ruff the barn cat.

These two have comically become good friends.

I think because it is early morning, and they both are still a little groggy from sleep.

When I leave the barn I usually pat Ruff on the head and her head is always soaked in Blitz’s slobbers.

I have begun to really enjoy this quiet time in the morning. It helps remind me to slow down and look around.

Are you a morning person? What do you enjoy about the start of the day? Do you have a pair of unlikely buddies around your house?

Aww. It’s great to meet your Ruff, Sarah. I wonder how she and Ralph would get along. Baxter and Ralph’s relationship is definitely not as buddy-buddy as Blitz and Ruff’s. I would say Ralph tolerates Baxter. She definitely does not allow him to slobber on her. It’s great that Ruff and Blitz have become such good friends.

9 thoughts on “Early mornings in Illinois

  1. Sarah, What beautiful, sweet animals! So glad they like each other. We lost our 13- yr- old female GS a year ago and i am now living vicariously through pics. of others’
    GS. Love cats, too, and have had three of those who “adopted” me. Blitz is a gorgeous pup and Ruff, too! Keep pics.coming. And, Julia, as always, we are BIG fans of Baxter. Love his pics., too! I envy your early morning peacefulness of your farm. Enjoy every minute.


    • Thank you so much, Lynn. I am so sorry of the loss of your GSD. I had to put my first one to sleep Feb of ’16. It was absolutely the hardest thing I have had to do.
      Most of the time cats “adopt” us too. Living in the country there seem to be no shortage of cats that show up and need love. I currently have one other a black female named “Toothless” but she is not friends with Blitz so I rarely see her. We made sure that she has been spayed and keep food and water out and let her do her own thing.

  2. I can imagine that early morning peacefulness of the farm, as the last commenter said. It sounds wonderful. I’m also in that middle position where I’m not naturally a morning person, but when I do get up and work early, love the freshness and the feeling of time, space and new energy to approach a task.
    Ruff is to be commended for tolerating that pushy, slobbery doggy nose! What a great pair.

    • The other perk that I did not write about is watching the sunrise. Whenever I do sleep in I feel extremely guilty about wasting the day away!

      Ruff is patient for sure.

  3. I’m definitely a sleep-til-noon person, and so is my dog. When I used to start work at 7:30 I appreciated the half hour of peace and quiet I had before other people arrived. Love that your cat tolerates dog kisses.

    • Unfortunately for me, Blitz is a morning “person” so even if I try to sleep in, I usually have those doggie kisses for myself. Unless I can convince him to wake up Steve. 😉

  4. Julia, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t introduced Ruff. I have had her about 6 years. She showed up at my last house and I found her in Treu’s dog house curled up with him. They were best buddies. When I decided to name her, I thought “what would Treu name her?” and the answer I came up with was “Ruff”. 😉

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