First Father’s Day

The moment Ellie was born, she let out a cry and the doctor placed her on my chest. Matt said, “It’s a girl.” And he was laughing. I was in an over-whelmed haze at that moment, but hearing that happiness, that emotion is something I will never forget.

So much joy that he had to laugh.

Matt and Ellie

A few hours later, our midwife asked for her name. I looked at Matt and he said her name for the first time. That act of him naming her is one of the best moments of my life.

Matt, Ellie and Baxter snuggling on the bed

We have some amazing examples of fathers in our lives. Men who are hard-working, kind, selfless and who do anything for their children.

These are qualities I have always seen in Matt, and they have reached another level as he has become a Dad.

Happy Father’s Day, from our family to yours.

9 thoughts on “First Father’s Day

  1. That’s so touching. And those memories will last a lifetime.

    I know it isn’t what you usually write about but I would love to hear more of your birth story, especially your decision to use a midwife. I’m expecting my second and for the first time, midwives are available in the practice. It would be interesting to know what/if you considered when choosing between a midwife and a doctor.

    • They immediately became my favourite memories of all time.

      I wrote E’s birth story, but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to share it or not. I love her birth story and enjoy reading other people’s stories, but I wasn’t sure people would be interested.

      I highly recommend a midwife. We had a great experience with ours. I liked the idea of the extra support you get with a midwife, and that ended up being completely the case. The home visits after Ellie was born were absolutely the best.

  2. Happy belated Father’s Day to Matt! That was a lovely post. It must be an amazing feeling to have a child with a man you absolutely trust to be a wonderful father.

    I would also be interested to read your birth story. My granddaughter was born on May 16th and my son and daughter-in-law had a midwife and a home birth. It was a great experience for them!

    Lovely pictures of Matt and Ellie. 🙂

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