Unwelcome guests

As I pushed the mower out of the driveshed, I felt plops hit the top of my head. A few seconds later, sharp burning pains in my neck. I knew what it was right away, though I didn’t know how it had happened. I ran for the house, frantically sweeping my hands through my hair and over my neck.


I had noticed the nests that were high up in the gable of the driveshed had fallen but not thought much of it.

Wasp nests in the driveshed

Then the day before the stings I noticed a new nest had been built under the hose hanger on the driveshed.

I had moved Baxter’s and Ralph’s water bowl over to the driveshed, as it was easier to fill there, particularly when I was wearing Ellie in her carrier. When I think of the times I’d stood there WITH HER RUNNING THE HOSE NEXT TO THE NEST my stomach clenches.

Wasp nest under the hose hanger

Wasp nest under the hose hanger

I hadn’t noticed that there was a second nest in the corner of the garage door. Until I opened the door and disturbed its residents.

Wasp nest

Matt checked my stings and then set off to the store for bug spray. That evening, Ellie safely asleep in her crib, Matt suited up, and we mounted an eviction.

Matt dressed for wasp eviction

Despite appearances, this is not an ad. Although I think Matt has a future as a spokesmodel, right?

Spraying a wasp nest

Spraying a wasp nest

A few nights later Matt gave the nests an additional shot, and the next morning his Dad showed up. After surveying the nests briefly, Matt’s Dad grabbed a shovel, knocked down the nests and carried them to our burn pile.

Thank goodness the spray worked.

I’m a live and let live woman, but not in this case.

11 thoughts on “Unwelcome guests

    • Ooops hit the wrong button :O

      So glad you’re okay and thank goodness little Ellie wasn’t with you. Of all the living things in the garden, wasps are the one which I have to keep reminding myself “They are a garden friend! They are a garden friend ….. sort of”

      • Your comment made me spend a little while investigating the benefits of wasps. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I’m open to having them around, and I’m a big believer in the interdependence of the ecosystem. However, the location of these nests meant they had to go.

  1. They may be garden friends, but in my mind they’re just a$$holes with wings. I’ve had problems with ground wasp nests for several years and have my hands and ankles stung on several occasions. I love Matt’s Eviction Suit.

    • We have a few ground nests around. There’s one spot on the pond trail that it looks like someone was investigating (or bothered by) a nest. Fortunately, we’ve stayed far enough away from those ones that we haven’t been bothered. I’ll pass on your compliment to Matt. 🙂

  2. Good to know you’re okay. Some of us are allergic and that wouldn’t be so good. And good that Ellie wasn’t on your back that time. Our neighbour had a nest of wasps on the fence between us. My husband warned me to stay away from it. He sprayed it.

  3. I agree with the other commenters. I wouldn’t necessarily kill them just because I saw them, but with the proximity to where you are working and where little Ellie may be I would definitely get rid of them!
    And the nest hiding under the garden hose is kind of spooky!

  4. Oh no, how many stings did you get? Shae got stung on the foot at a party we were at a couple of weeks ago, just one sting, and it was really painful! I’d say it was definitely necessary to get rid of those nests due to where they were. It’s a safety thing.

    I also like Matt’s eviction suit. He wasn’t taking any chances!

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