Updating the guest room to make a multi-functional space

Sewing area in the guest room

I’m very glad that we kept the guest room. You may recall it was one of the options when I was thinking about which room was going to become Ellie’s nursery.

Matt and I have each been having some trouble sleeping recently, and we’ve both taken a turn in the guest room. My Mom has stayed with us a few nights too, and I’m grateful that we have a comfortable space ready for her.

It occurred to me during one of my shifts in the guest room that I haven’t shared some of the changes I made prior to Ellie’s arrival. As I dismantled my office to turn it into Ellie’s nursery, the guest room had to do multi-duty as a work space, craft space and guest space.

I replaced my vintage trunk with our filing cabinet. Not as attractive, for sure, but it still works as a night stand, and it also gives a spot for some office supplies.

Filing cabinet night stand

Office supplies on the filing cabinet

I still procrastinate about filing, and our mail sorter helps me corral paper until I’m ready to deal with it. I drilled a couple of holes in the cabinet and mounted the sorter with wire.

Mail sorter

On the other side of the room, the slipper chair that I reupholstered now sits at Matt’s childhood pine desk.

Flowered slipper chair

I sold the wooden chair that I painted and distressed along with the white desk that I refinished. My sewing machine has a new home on Matt’s desk. I figured our guests wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Sewing desk in the guest room

I also transferred the tiny shelf that holds my thimble collection, and affixed it under the window.

Thimble collection

Thimbles on a narrow shelf

We’ve maxed out the closet filling it with fabric, wool, and other items from both Matt and me. The idea of emptying this closet and finding new places for everything was so intimidating that it was a major factor in my decision not to use the guest room as Ellie’s nursery.

I’ve been happy about how we’ve been able to fit everything into the guest room and make it a multi-functional space. Ellie (and Baxter) both enjoy laying and kicking on the bed while I sew or do paperwork. So it’s a good way for us to spend time together too.

Another perk: I made $100 selling the trunk and the desk. And the trunk was pulled out of the garbage and the desk was left behind at the farm by the past owners. Yay for free money.

Do you have a multi-functional space at your house? How do you balance form and function? Has anyone else gotten something for free and then sold it for a profit?

8 thoughts on “Updating the guest room to make a multi-functional space

  1. Our guest room is also combined with our home office. As well as the bed, we have a computer/desk and a bookcase in there and the closet is full of frames, wrapping paper, ribbons, my light box for tracing, my old saxophone, etc., etc. When we have a second kid, this room is going to have to transition to their bedroom and I am dreading finding a new home for all the stuff in there! Honestly, we should probably start now haha

  2. I am really struggling with finding a place to sew and do computer work in my house. We have an office but it has become a dumping ground for things like my husbands golf clubs and amazon boxes. Not sure if I should enforce a decluttering or just give in and go to the guest room!

  3. We don’t have a guest room and I wish we did. Not that we have that many guests but when someone does come to town unfortunately our house isn’t an option.

    I think your dual purpose room is a wise use of space. Both an office and guest room are not always needed every day so it makes sense to combine!

    • We do have out of town family, but we also have lots of in town family with extra beds, so my initial thought was we didn’t need the guest room anymore. Obviously, I’m very glad that we kept it.

      But I’m even more glad that the space serves more than one purpose now. I’m in there so much more, and I like that I’m making better use of the room than I was before.

  4. We have quite a bit of multi-functional space in our little suite. We have the same as you, an office/guest room combo (which becomes my daughter’s room when she’s here), and my music studio doubles as a crafting space. Our pantry sits in the living room as well.

    I like how you incorporated the two rooms. It looks lovely and minimal, too. I’m having way too much trouble with ‘stuff’ right now – I need to declutter but I’m overwhelmed! It seems no matter how much I take out, it’s still too full.

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