Distressed about distressing

I was face-to-face (face-to-seat?) with the chair. I had spent days painting it, working my brush around every spindle again and again. The old brown stain had been replaced with a warm white finish.

White painted wooden chair

But I was about to change all that. Or I would if I could bring myself to step towards the chair.

I had a piece of sandpaper in my hand, and my plan was to rub it over my freshly painted chair making it look older and a little bit worn.

“Do I really want to do this?”

“If it doesn’t work or I mess it up, I’ll have to paint the chair again.”

“But remember the vision.”

My vision for the guest room is to embrace a bit more rustic style. A slightly shabby chair would fit in better than a perfectly painted one.

I lifted the sandpaper and got to work.

Distressed painted wood chair

The end result looks okay, I think. Definitely more interesting than the plain white chair. I’ve never been a shabby chic person, so I’m still adjusting to this look. Now that the guest room is coming together, though, I feel like the chair fits in.

Distressed painted wood chair

The plan for the weekend is to focus on the curtains, which are pretty much the last to-do for the guest room aside from some more accessorizing. I should be sharing the finished space with you soon.

Have you ever distressed furniture? Did it make you nervous? Are you a fan of the shabby chic style? What causes you anxiety when you’re making over furniture?

8 thoughts on “Distressed about distressing

  1. I do like the shabby chic style, to a degree. Some people overdo it. But when it’s well-done, it’s very attractive. I can understand your hesitation to sand through a pretty paint job though! That would make me nervous too.
    One thing I get anxiety over is cutting into a large piece of fabric. I’m always afraid I’m going to cut it wrong and have ruined the entire thing. (Unfortunately, it is the voice of experience piping up in those moments!)
    I’m looking forward to seeing your finished guest room. That wall colour is absolutely to die for!

  2. I agree with Jan. I do like a little bit of shabby chic. I have seen it nicely done. But whenever I see a piece, I think, “well, that looks like it needs painted!”. 😉

    I think you did a nice job. It is worn in just the right places!

  3. I have the exact same feelings, but I think distressing definitely has its place. I think it often looks better when you really go for it, but it takes a lot of courage from me! My favourite painted pieces are ones I’ve distressed, but I definitely had to convince myself to get the sandpaper out.

  4. Like you, I don’t really consider myself a shabby chic person, so I can understand your adjustment period with the look. I do think you did a very tasteful job, though! Definitely not too crazy or overdone on the “shabby” front.That chair is super cool and interesting. I think the look compliments it well!

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