Mystery squash

Circumstances have not been on the side of our vegetable garden this year. I knew with a new baby the garden would be a challenge this year. But I really thought we’d be able to do something. I had plans to at least maintain the perimeter beds and protect my asparagus, grapes and blueberries from being choked by weeds. Matt actually did rototill and then planted potatoes.

But since then, nothing.

Oh the poor garden. The weeds are definitely winning this year.

But hope springs eternal. Next year, the baby will be able to sit on her own, and she can have her own shovel. She might enjoy digging more than her current supervisory role.

Baby wearing sunglasses lying outside under an umbrella

Our most successful “gardening” this year is happening at the composter behind the house. Last week Sarah in Illinois was talking about her volunteer Morning Glories. We too have a volunteer vine–and like all of our experiences with squash, this one has designs to take over the world. It’s conquered our back steps and is now advancing on the little deck.

Squash growing around the composter

Squash growing around the composter

Remember when I cleaned up this area last year?

Composter on the back patio

I’ve read that squash, when it reseeds, grows back as something else. I don’t mean it becomes broccoli. But I’ve heard that a butternut seed does not get you a butternut plant. So I don’t know what is actually growing here. Honestly, it looks like we may have two different plants. And they look more like gourdes right now than squash.

Small round yellow squash

Small oval green bumpy squash

I think the fruit is a minor factor. This plant (or one of these plants) is not going to be distracted from its quest. It has sent out a force away from the house (thank goodness) aiming for the pond.

Squash growing around the composter

Watch out world.

To comfort you, want one more glimpse of our cool dudette? Of course you do. Because babies in sunglasses are hilarious.

Baby wearing sunglasses

Stay safe.

I’m going to be taking next week off for a little vacation with the dudette and her Dad. See you in September.


12 thoughts on “Mystery squash

  1. Don’t worry, next year you will definitely be able to garden again! This probably goes without saying, but every year you’re a mother juggling other things gets easier and easier. You’ll be a pro next year 🙂

  2. If your seed came from a hybrid squash, you’ll get some odd squash that may or may not be edible. Hybrids don’t reproduce true from seed. And if you plant different squash types close enough to allow for cross-pollination, that when things can really get weird. A friend ended up with what we called “squakins” one year.

  3. That vine!! Holy triffids…
    And your supervisor is adorable! I bet she gets you working hard – even if not in the veggie garden. 😉

  4. I have this squash growing in my garden . It’s bonkers! I’ve read it’s a type but not a clue what. We’ve eaten them … they are huge!!! Just don’t know really how long to leave them b4 picking…

    • I can’t offer you any insights. How is the flavour when you eat them? That’s how I’d tell whether to leave them or pick them. Though now that I think about it, I think I read something about waiting til your first frost to pick squash. Perhaps I do have some insights!

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