Garage exterior plans

Foundations are in for the garage and mudroom. I’m hoping everything will be backfilled this week–and maybe the pool finally filled as well.

I’m trying to do my part of keeping the renovation moving by making decisions about what I want.

After thinking about and planning for this renovation for so long, I thought I knew exactly what I’d choose. But now that it’s real, I’m finding out that sometimes my mental picture isn’t as clear as I thought it was.

I’d appreciate your input on a couple of things.

Garage doors

A carriage door style feels appropriate for a farm. These doors have fake handles and hinges that make them look like old-fashioned swinging doors.

However, the carriage doors I like the most are all overlay doors. In an overlay, the panels or strips are applied by hand. This translates to more expensive. As well, there are sometimes issues with getting the overlays to line up between each section of the garage door.

I can get the carriage door look (hinges and handles) in a pressed door. In this profile, the design is pressed into the steel and there are no applied pieces. However, the profiles that I like the best (the two-panel or Zed above) are not available. I’d go with a simple shaker style panel to get as close as possible.

I’ve spent a lot of time gawking at garage doors, trying to figure out if I dislike the pressed profiles enough to go for an overlay door.

What would you do?


Lighting is still a while away, but wiring will happen soon. So I’m thinking about how many lights we need and what they should look like. We could have as many as six lights (if we stretch all the way over to the living room patio door) or we could go with three, or somewhere in between.

They could all be the same, or we could switch up the style.

I’m leaning toward a lantern style light on either side of the garage. This graphic from Farmhouse Facelift shows two options that appeal to me: a traditional lantern and rustic wood design that I haven’t seen before.

Source: Farmhouse Facelift

I’m also considering goose neck barn style lights (though their trendiness makes me want to avoid them). We drive past a house that has used them beside the garage doors, rather than above (which we won’t have room for).

How many lights and what style would you do?


6 thoughts on “Garage exterior plans

  1. I tend to want a lot of light so I’d use three carriage lights by the garage doors – one to either side as you’ve shown plus one between the doors. By the patio door I’d probably use either slightly smaller carriage light or something entirely different that coordinates well. If other exterior lights are nearby you’ll want to take them into consideration to keep a cohesive look – unless you’re going to change them as well.

  2. I also like a lot of light, so would add at least one between the garage doors as well. I like that second picture of the sort of sunken lantern. It’s really pretty.
    As far as the doors go, I’d pay the extra for the zed doors if it wasn’t too much – or conversely, get the plain doors and add the zed feature myself. I’ve seen people do that with house doors and it seems like a fairly reasonable diy.

  3. I agree with the light between the garage doors. Out in the country more light is always better! I also like the sunken light next to the side door. I’ve never seen that one before! If it’s not to expensive go with the nicer doors. They should be around for many years for you to enjoy. If you get ones you don’t like you will spend years saying, “why didn’t I get the other doors!” Of course if you want to try a DYI job on cheaper doors – go for it!!!

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