Merry Christmas

Yesterday, Ellie and I went for a hike at the back of the property. It was a nice way to enjoy the farm on a sunny snowy day. Together in this special place.

Due to the pandemic, Christmas may once again not happen the way we want. Life sometimes does not happen the way we want.

But like a sunny snowy day in a special place with a special person, there is love and there is joy.

Whatever form your Christmas takes, I hope that you find peace, togetherness (in some fashion), health, love and joy.

Thank you for reading over the past year.

I wish you and your family well this holiday season.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I was reading something just today about taking time to appreciate calm moments of the holiday season and it it looks like you did just that!

    Merry Christmas Julia and Ellie!

  2. That picture is gorgeous! So fresh and white. We have tried to enjoy Christmas despite several stressors. Some days we’ve done better than others. I’m going to take your post as a reminder to try again tomorrow!

    Merry Christmas season to you both!

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