Odds & sods

I took an unexpected blogging break this month. Between spring on the farm, work projects and a little getaway, a lot of things were taking my attention.

I am still here.

One of the books I read this month was What Comes From Spirit by Richard Wagamese. This quote spoke to me:

“The Creator meant for me to write. Not to think about it, not to plan for it, not to wait for inspiration, but to write to honour the gift I was given. So I come here every day and I write something.”

Even though I haven’t been writing here on the blog, I have been writing.

It is nice to be back here, sharing my thoughts and some of what we’ve been up to.

The highlight of the month was a getaway with Matt’s family to Manitoulin Island. If you’re looking for a peaceful, private spot surrounded by nature, I highly recommend Rainbow Lodge. Fun fact: it had a previous life in a CBC show.

This chocolate cake was yummy, despite its weird ingredient list.

This book was heart-warming and fairly light. I had to hide it so I could actually do some work, or else I would have read it all at once.

The number of farms in Canada decreased 2% in the last five years. The new Census of Agriculture has lots of data about farming. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture breaks down some of the numbers.

It was lovely to have our little holiday away. However, there is no place like home.

“Long after the final i-gadget has been discovered, we’ll still yearn for hugs, kisses, and personal conversations. When we’ve traveled to the last exotic place and finished participating in the last recreational or entertainment venue on our list, we will want a haven and we will call it home.”

Folks, This Ain’t Normal by Joel Salatin

This week I’m hoping to take some time to catch up on projects around the farm and with some family and friends. It’s also election week in Ontario, so I will be voting. If you live in Ontario, I hope you will too. I’m considering winding up the week with our first bonfire of the year–a big part of my summers for the last two years.

How was May for you? What’s keeping you busy these days? Have you read any good books? What’s the weirdest dessert you’ve ever made? What are you focusing on this week?


8 thoughts on “Odds & sods

  1. May was frustrating – cold, lots of rain, then hot, then more rain. The lawn was 8″ high in some places and too wet to mow. This month I’m attempting to catch up with my gardens; I haven’t even weeded the veg garden yet, never mind get anything planted. I’m digging out a bed I filled with phlox several years ago and replacing them with dahlias. Because, you know, I don’t already have enough on my hands. 🙂

  2. Brownies with black beans and chocolate mousse made with cocoa, avocado, and maple syrup.
    Are the number of farms decreasing because farms are merging into bigger farms or is the actually amount of farmland decreasing due to suburban sprawl?

    • I’ve actually made both of those recipes. The brownies were more successful than the mousse, though I don’t think I had the best avocados for the mousse.

      I’m not sure nation-wide what the explanation is for the decrease in farms. Locally I’m seeing a lot of sprawl. A lot of agriculture or even forested land is turning over to houses and roads.

  3. I am glad to see you back again! I was hoping everything was okay.
    I had a busy May too. Things have changed for us again as Shae found out she was losing her job, started applying for jobs and got the first one she interviewed for! We’re hoping it will actually be better.
    I am going to look for that book you recommended. I need a light read. I’ve developed almost a fear of reading authors I’m not familiar with lately. I think it’s since Trump got elected and the pandemic came and I started consuming news to an obsessional degree; reading is too intensely personal and I can’t take more negative input through that medium. So recommendations are gratefully accepted, thank you!

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