Odds & sods

As I was trying to figure out how to begin this final post of January, I went back and reread my first post of the month–my word of the year.

“I want to remember to choose my attitude, how I feel, how I react, how I spend my time… When I make a choice, there’s an acceptance that I’m letting something go in favour of something else… I’m also choosing to build my life based on what is most important to me–Ellie, family, friends, Cigo, this farm, freedom to enjoy it all.”

There have been some ups and downs this month. Anxiety is not something I struggle with usually, but I’ve had some worries recently. Rereading the words above is comforting. I know what is most important to me. Choosing to let go of other things–including worry and anxiety–makes me focus on the life I want.

So we finished the month on a high. We had a fun day celebrating my nephew’s ninth birthday with family. We have snow finally (not worrying about how long it took to arrive or how long it will stay), and we’ve enjoyed sledding, snow forts and skating. We’ve also made progress on several home projects.

Life is always ups and downs. Choosing to focus on the ups is important to me. As is remembering that I’ll find my way through the downs.

Here are some pick-me-ups from this month:

We are doing 1,000 hours outside again this year. Prioritizing time outside has added so much fun to our lives. We are at 72 hours already.

I am loving wool socks. The Darn Tough brand is a favourite, especially for their lifetime guarantee.

“This farm is and what we do on it is this living breathing thing.”

The land on most farms is degraded. But we can regenerate it.

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak
Whispers the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.”

William Shakespeare

Let’s share a pick-me-up. What was the best part of January for you? Did you make any tough choices this month?


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