Odds & sods

It feels like spring has sprung here. We’ve seen our first robins, red wing blackbird and turkey vulture. There were a pair each of mallards and hooded merganser ducks paddling in the pond over the weekend. And this year’s sap run is coming to an end with a very decent quantity of syrup.

Perhaps a result of changing season, I’m feeling more motivated.

It’s a welcome change. I have been stalled for a while, which is not a comfortable place for me. I like being productive, but I have made no progress on Ellie’s room makeover or on bringing in some new contracts for work. These are important, but I’m not being disciplined in how I spend my time.

When March Break came along, I gave myself a little break from the blog to try to reset. I like writing, and I like posting every week (schedules and deadlines definitely work for me). But I had lost some mojo So I went back to my word of the year and chose to take a break.

I worked, read, prepared our income taxes, updated my consulting website, and took a small trip for a new client. Ellie and I started going swimming each week and had a fun March Break together. We marked Matt’s 44th birthday, which was hard. I thrifted a great furniture score for Ellie’s room and found some contacts for potential new work.

And my motivation and energy are returning. I’m looking forward to sharing more about Ellie’s new bedroom, starting to work outside and hopefully kicking off patio construction.

For now, here are some of the things I enjoyed this month:

This account has the best parenting–and human being–advice. They also have a new name.

Chef’s Table is my go-to for something easy, inspiring, fun, and uplifting to watch. Mashama Bailey, Lennox Hastie and Tootsie Tomanetz episodes are favourites.

“You should know when enough is enough.” So much inspiration from the first 100 episodes of People I (Mostly) Admire.

Made this pie for Matt’s birthday. Ellie’s verdict: “Daddy would really like this.” Yes, he would.

Ellie is really into non-fiction (or as she calls them, “information books”). This story was a hit and led to a movie, more inspiring animal stories and daily dolphin role playing.

I’m aiming to finish off March with being disciplined. I am putting the finishing touches on some pitches for work, prepping Ellie’s room for painting (more to come), and depending on the weather and my productivity, maybe doing some coop clean-up.

How was March for you? Do you have any tips for being disciplined? Who else works best with a deadline? Has spring arrived where you are?


2 thoughts on “Odds & sods

  1. Hi Julia, I am thinking about doing the 1,000 hours outside with my son! It will be really hard for me but even if we get 500 hours, that would be great! He turns 1 tomorrow so I’m going to start it then and get as close to 1,000 as I can by the time he turns 2.

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